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Sonal fitness zone

Sonal fitness zone

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Hi my name is sonal shah and and I would love to show you how you can eat everything in moderation and still live healthy life style with the advantage of loosing weight or maintain with the lifestyle you enjoy. I would love you to be part of my challenge group and accountability group , where you will be part of others who has same challenges and joy with others Like you where we share recipes , meal plan for the week including vegan , vegetarian and non vegetarian provided to understand and creat your own. With all that You get me as your mentor and hold your hand with any guidance you need to be successful to move forward. I am attaching this form where I can get to know you , your goal for us to start together. With signing up you will be getting fitness +nutrition + support to reach where you want to be. Access to hundreds of Home WORKOUTS for every fitness level - Workout for 30 mins/5 days per week - Nutrition guide - Portion Control Containers - One month supply of nutritious shake with Shake Cup - Have an online community to SUPPORT YOU - MEAL PLANS, Recipes will be provided - ME As your COACH to Motivate & hold you accountable - You will be part of a private challenge docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5X…

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