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Neha Pundeer- Mental health Counselor
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Neha Pundeer- Mental health Counselor

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I am psychotherapist, currently working in a nonprofit in NYC. The work that I do is pretty fulfilling on a personal level, but when I get a chance to support my own community, it just adds on to that fulfillment and makes it gratifying. So, here I am to share my unfiltered gyaan and support to members those who need it. Feel free to DM (through this page) or you can reach out to me via my group. If really needed, you can reach out to me on: pundeerneha@gmail.com Also, I work in collaboration with SAMHIN (South Asian Mental health initiative and Network). It is a non-profit that addresses the mental health needs of the South Asian community in the U.S. Our mutual goal is to decrease the stigma and shame associated with mental illness and offer resources for people who seek help. To learn more about SAMHIN check the link: samhin.org Note: The group that I mentioned above is the group that I administer at Homeis. Group’s name: “Support group for Indian immigrants.” You can learn more about the group by clicking the link shared below.

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