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What are the best way to call India from direct mobile are -> RebtelGoogle VoiceReliance Global India Callhelpingdesi.com/reliance-india-call Do you guys know any other cheaper options. Please let me know in comments. I am writing article to help our community and your help will be appreciated.

Hello frens, Anyone practising DENTISTRY?

Hi, I am international graduate student who just finished masters and wanted to do another masters program and I have been admitted to one of the universities. The classes will begin from September and my sevis record have also been transferred. If the university decides to change the mode of instruction to online I should have to leave the country or transfer to another school. Is there a time period for me to transfer to another school or if I have to go back will be noted as over stayed. Please help me out!

Could I ask you to take a 2 minute survey, this would give me an idea, what kind of free seminars you are looking for. Thanks forms.gle/REdxSMvE4sRL5wsi6

When you were new to USA, did you ever feel like your English is not easily understood by the locals and vice versa? 🙃 . The American vocabulary and lingo is different from the rest of the world. Many a times you may observe that your choice of words does not match the way locals speak. And that made me think.. . Is it just me or do all newbies in the States face this issue 🙃 . Tell me an instance when you felt like your English is getting a lotta - "Come again?" . See my example in the comment below 👇🏽 I started learning the American alternative words when I started conversing with customer service reps, cashiers, neighbors and ultimately co-workers.

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If you've just arrived to the USA and feel lost, we're here to give you a hand! With homeis app and site you can find EVERYTHING you need to know about relocating from South Asia to the USA, living in the USA and meeting new friends from South Asia that live in the USA. Here you can find events for the community in your area of living, jobs, apartments, medical and legal services and basically whatever you need to get along in the USA. Welcome to your new home!

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