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I applied for my H4 visa extension in month of March. I have received the petition number and status is still pending. If I don’t receive any status response within 240 days then do I need to leave USA at this situation?? Or will I be allowed to continue my stay in USA with the petition copy?? Please let me know what I am suppose to do.

Looking for a trip idea with family around November .? Any good locations away from chilly weather of East coast.? ( Have been to California, Florida and Vegas before )

Hey everyone-we invest in startups founded by immigrants. We want to know, for those of you who have started or are thinking about starting a business, what are the top concerns on your mind? Is it visa logistics and immigration info (lawyers, filing dates, etc). Or is more cultural or emotional obstacles? Answer directly here or DM us @onewayvc !


Hi was wandering if there was anyone from Manassas park Virginia. Who wasn't to talk to me text me. 🥰😇


I hope you guys are doing great i am a new immigrant here in USA i just received my green card and i am looking to get my social security card but due to offices are closed I won’t be able to get my social security number can anybody assist me how can i get my social security number while offices are closed

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