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Hey! let me explain to you how our program works. I have achieved successfully up to 10 kg weight loss with my clients. The way it works is that we will give you food list and meal plan. In meal plan you will be given detailed instructions about what you will eat for breakfast lunch and dinner and also in between. Nutritional support is provided to balance your hormones and nutritional deficiency in your body. This process will start detoxing your gut and your body r body will start using stored energy from your fat cells and boost up your metabolism. I will would also like to explain how actually detox work in your body.When we eat food the nutrition is absorbed in the intestine. There are finger like processes lining in our intestine which absorbs nutrition and send it to blood vessels to take it to our heart, liver etc. When we get fat layer inside our intestine, it stops the absorption of nutrients. As a result, even if we eat nutritious food our intestine don’t absorb it and our body starved in nutritional department. This makes body falsely believe that we are actually starving right now and the body triggers a mechanism that stores all the energy from the food we eat as more fat, making it a vicious cycle. In this program we actually target the 3rd layer of fat which is also called unhealthy fat. So the first target is your gut. When the fat dissolved from inner wall of your gut then it start to absorb nutrition and when your body starts to get the actual nutrition it will come out of that storage state and will start releasing energy from your fat cells. This is how you start losing that 3rd layer of fat. Regards, Dr Bhavani
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