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South Asians in Rhode Island

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Hello Everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. I’m an international student and got married recently. I want to know the procedure to apply for green card ( my wife is a citizen). If you can recommend any attorney in Providence, Rhode Island that charges reasonable fees. Thanks Himanshu

What are the best way to call India from direct mobile are -> RebtelGoogle VoiceReliance Global India Callhelpingdesi.com/reliance-india-call Do you guys know any other cheaper options. Please let me know in comments. I am writing article to help our community and your help will be appreciated.

Hi All, Am looking for someone who is Dislexic and professionally doing very well to be part of my podcast. If you know someone have them Contact me. You can reach out on any of these: 1. DM here on Homeis 2.DM on my Instagram profile ajo_logs 3. or email : nridiariesbyaj@gmail.com Thank you, Asha

Hi, I would like to ask you three questions whose answers will prove to be foundation to you and your family's financial future: 1. Do you have a plan to ensure you don’t run out of money in retirement? 2. Do you have a plan to minimize taxes in retirement? 3. Do you have a plan for your family and loved ones to be taken care of in the event of an accident? If your answer is NO then Please find some time to Chat with me for the safety and security for the family you love. Jagat Rathee Financial consultant Mass Mutual 908-421-1106

Just when you were about to move to the US, what is it that you searched on google... like ‘where to live in Atlanta’ or ‘which phone/SIM card’ to buy or ‘where can you get Maggi in New York’... please comment here and help ya understand the needs of newcomers.

Bienvenue sur homeis !
Bienvenue sur homeis ! Si vous venez d'arriver aux USA et que vous vous sentez perdu, nous sommes là pour vous aider ! Avec l'application et le site homeis, vous pouvez trouver TOUT ce que vous devez savoir sur la relocalisation depuis la South Asia aux USA, vivre aux USA et rencontrer de nouveaux amis South Asians vivant ici. Ici vous pouvez trouver des événements pour la communauté autour de vous, des emplois, des appartements, des services médicaux et juridiques et essentiellement tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour vous vivre aux USA. Bienvenue chez vous !

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Can I work as an International Student in USA? What kind of jobs can I do?

If you are a student in the United States holding an F-1 visa, you know that your work options are limited and require a little bit of paperwork. Whether you're looking for a job, an internship, or even volunteering at a soup kitchen, to work legally in the country with student visa while studying you must receive an approval for CPT.

How much time does it take to get your EAD?

If you are a spouse of an H1-B or L1 visa holder, you need to apply for a work permit or an EAD to work in the USA. Most EADs are processed in 4-6 months but it may sometimes take longer. You might have many such questions related to your immigration status? What if my H1-B extension is denied? Where to find Immigration Lawyers near me, or how to prepare for your citizenship test? You can ask all these questions on homeis in the Immigration forum.

Where do I find good Desi food in USA?

South Asian love their food and rightly so. But a lot of Americans also love our cuisine and as a result it is not difficult to find a Desi restaurant in most American cities and towns. But to find the really good and authentic South Asian restaurants nearby, you have to look further: check in neighborhoods with a big South Asian community and ask for specific recommendations.

Where can you buy Desi groceries in US?

South Asian immigrants in the USA are often on the lookout for desi grocery stores close to where they live. Spices and vegetables are missed by the South Asian palate and finding a South Asian grocery store nearby is an important consideration while choosing one’s home or apartment. These days, almost every state in the U.S, has a South Asian (desi) grocery store where you can buy all kinds of dals, pickels, frozen food and fresh vegetables.

How to send money back home?

Most of us working in the USA send money back home. While doing a wire transfer from your bank is one way to do it, one of the easiest ways is to send money through various money transfer apps. Look for exchange rates offered by these apps, the time to process the transaction and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

Where to watch Desi TV shows in USA?

With online streaming, it has become a lot easier these days to watch your favourite TV shows from your hometown. There are multiple options like Sling TV, Hotstar USA, IPTV and more. 

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