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Which is the best Economica courier For cloths etc from India to usa?

I travelled to India on 8th Mar to meet my mother who was undergoing cancer treatment. I am a green card holder. Injust wanted to know what is the situation in terms of flying back to US. Are they allowing US GC holders to enter? As of now there is travel ban by India till 14th Apr and I can only fly after that. The only reason for me to fly back is that my wife is there in US who is also pregnant and need me there asap

Hi All, Hope everyone is doing good and being safe. I Am working as a PM/Scrummaster and I Got an RFE for my H1B 6 years Cap extension asking for 2 things. 1. Detailed description of the duties you are performing in this role. 2. Why you need to do a bachelor's degree to do these duties. Does anyone with my same skillset got this before ?? Any Sample documents anyone can share for #1 and #2 ?? I have a client letter where it is called out that bachelor's is needed to do this role. Does that satisfy #2 or do I need to give a write up?? Do You guys think that things will go fine in the process after the response??

Which is the best food delivery app in the Philadelphia area, Centre city?? Any suggestions?

What’s up Phillyyyy??? Hello people! Thank you for downloading our little app and making it so much bigger. Welcome to homeis, your desi hangout online. This is the Indian community in Philadelphia. I am Varsha, your community manager so you're going to see me on the app every day 😊 check out my profile if you want to get to know me a little better. My job is to make sure you feel connected and at home here so if you'd like to chat, I'm just a DM away. Meanwhile, do explore everything you can do here - make new friends, discover great events, find information every immigrant needs, jobs, real estate and even people from your hometown. Let's do this together, guys! Questions???