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Security Guard training

Security Guard training

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Information about getting security guard license from LASI ——————————————————- Step by step guide to obtain security guard License from New York State, Department of State Division of Licensing Services (DOS) via Lasi security guard training school. We are an approved security guard training school by Department of State Division of criminal justice service. Our address is: 822 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11203. Tel (718) 498 8660. 1. Complete 8 hour Pre-assignment class in 1 Day. Total Hours - 8. Cost is - $60}. We conduct class every Monday and Tuesday from 9:00am-5:00pm. 2. Optional 16 hour OJT class. This class is not required to apply for the security guard license. It is a 2 Days class. Total Hours-16. Cost -$110. We conduct this 16 hour OJT class every Thursday and Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. 3. Fingerprint is required for a background check in order to process your application for a security registration card. We can schedule your fingerprint at different locations throughout the 5 boroughs. The scheduled time for fingerprinting is: Monday through Saturday from 8:00am-8:00pm! Fingerprinting cost is: $102.00 4. License application package includes your 8 hour Pre- assignment training certificate, receipt of fingerprint, a copy of your 8 hour Pre-assignment certificate, license application fee $36.00   5. It takes between 4- 6 weeks to process your license. DOS will mail your license to your mailing address. You can contact the Department of State, division of Licensing Services directly at (518) 474-7569 to find out the status of your application if you did not receive your card within the time period mentioned above. 6. You may not be able to get a security guard license with a serious felony. You must submit all additional documents, such as disposition (s) certificate of good conduct if you had any prior criminal record history. 7. Costs for a complete package, includes (a) 8 hour pre-assignment training $60.00. (b) 16 hour OJT training course $110.00. (c) Fingerprint fee $102.00. (d) License application processes fee $77.00. (e) License application fee $36.00. Grand total $385. If you decide to pay the complete package in full, you will receive a $21 discount; therefore you will pay only the reduced price, which is $364.

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