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Pakiza Sajid

Pakiza Sajid

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Pakiza Sajid is an aggressive attorney whose primary concern is her client’s zealous representation. Ms. Sajid will fight tirelessly to find a solution and she will strive to ensure that her client’s legal matter is thoroughly resolved. The care and compassion Ms. Sajid shows for her client’s representation is second to none. Ms. Sajid graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF), earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Studies from UCF’s Legal Studies’ program. While at UCF, Ms. Sajid received the prestigious President’s Honor Roll. During her time at UCF she honed her leadership skills by becoming a Presidential Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Ms. Sajid graduated as one of the TOP TEN students in her law school class at Florida A&M University College of Law along with graduating cum laude (with honors) and on the Dean’s List.  Even in the early stages of her law school career, Ms. Sajid began to practice and drastically improve her legal skills that would allow her to become the attorney she is today. Her outstanding class rank and academic achievements also earned her an invitation to join FAMU’s prestigious Law Review. To be selected for a position on Law Review based on one’s grades, is a remarkable achievement because the law school only selects the top of the class. While working for the highly regarded law journal, Ms. Sajid matured her legal research and writing skills by serving as a Senior Staff Editor on Law Review, which is one of the greatest accomplishments a person can achieve in law school. In her role as Senior Staff Editor, Ms. Sajid edited numerous articles that were later published and distributed to law libraries throughout the United States. She also scored magnificent in all sections of the Florida Bar Exam. Ms. Sajid was able to earn these distinctions during her law school career through her meticulous study of the law. Ms. Sajid was recognized for her hard work when she was selected for Scholarship Awards at Florida A&M University College of Law. Additionally, she received the highly coveted Book Award in Contracts II (highest grade).  Ms. Sajid’s ambition and dedication to become a phenomenal Trial Lawyer allowed her to compete for and subsequently earn a position on the Florida A&M University College of Law Trial Team against other future lawyers. Trial team members are chosen by Professors, current trial team members and local attorneys for their natural speaking ability and being able to think quickly on their feet. During her tenure as a trial team member she represented FAMU College of Law against other prestigious law schools in the 2014 Chester Bedell Mock Trial Competition. While attending law school, Ms. Sajid was also putting her knowledge of the law to use every day through practical application. She was able to hone her practical skills through her work with the prestigious NeJame Law Firm. While there she acquired years of experience as she was afforded the opportunity to work with many talented and skilled law partners in the criminal division, including attorney Rajan Joshi who was a law partner at NeJame Law before opening up his own law practice. Upon completing the bar exam, Ms. Sajid was recruited by the respected Joshi Law Firm, PA. As an attorney at the Joshi Law Firm, PA., she has worked on her own cases and also assisted on a wide variety of cases with, immensely skilled and accomplished attorney, Rajan Joshi. Together Ms. Sajid and Mr. Joshi have worked on many cases, including first degree murder, high profile cases, white collar crimes, DUI, domestic violence, battery, sex related matters, drug possession, delivery and trafficking cases, theft cases and even post-conviction relief matters. Mr. Joshi provided invaluable mentoring and has given Ms. Sajid the opportunity to assist in an array of cases from beginning to end. With this extensive experience and wide exposure to the practice of law, Pakiza Sajid is able to handle a broad range of criminal cases, from simple misdemeanors to all types of felonies or any legal matters. Pakiza Sajid enjoys analyzing cases thoroughly, striving to expose the best possible defense for her clients. She has drafted intricate and detailed motions and assisted in jury selection for a high profile first degree murder trial. Ms. Sajid has also assisted in contract drafting and H1B visas while interning at the Largest Independent Provider of Risk, Compliance and Transaction Management Solutions. Prior to law school, she further gained experience in civil matters by conducting consultations for personal injury and medical malpractice cases at a reputable and experienced personal injury law firm in Central Florida, Morgan & Morgan. Ms. Sajid thrives on showing compassion to her clients and makes it a point to keep them updated every step of the way. Outside the practice of law, Ms. Sajid most enjoys spending time with her family and watching movies. She also loves playing basketball and traveling to new places. If you need assistance with any legal matter, contact Criminal Defense Attorney Pakiza Sajid for an aggressive defense to assure your Constitutional rights are protected or for any of your legal needs.