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Dr. Deepa Ramachandran, MD

Dr. Deepa Ramachandran, MD

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Family Practice, Urgent Care & Integrative Medicine around Los Gatos
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Meet Dr. Deepa Ramchandran or Dr. Ram. She is an experienced Board Certified Family Physician and completed her residency training in Family Medicine at the University of Connecticut. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in her Family Practice and has a particular interest in Ayurveda Medicine; one of the world's oldest holistic healing system! Prior to moving to the West Coast, Dr. Ram worked at Plainfield Walk-in Medical Center in Connecticut for 3 years where she cared for both Urgent Care patients and regular Family Practice on any given day. This unique mixture of fast-paced Urgent Care together with long term caring of regular patients gives her a broad range of experiences to draw from while treating patients. One specific aspect of Dr. Ram’s character that one quickly grasps on meeting her is her desire to volunteer her services generously to communities in need. She has actively participated in over 25 volunteer programs that puts her in a unique position to understand a community’s needs, identify a plan of action, and execute it efficiently to uplift the health of the community. Her excellent interpersonal skills helps her connect with every individual she comes across and brings out the best in herself and others. She is warm, compassionate, respectful, organized and extremely action-oriented. She is always accessible to the patient and quickly facilitates getting him/her on the road to recovery. She has a special way with children that endears her to them. If you need a plan to make your life more holistic, balanced, and peaceful, she is the go-to person.