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Arjun Verma

Arjun Verma

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For comprehensive immigration help in the Silicon Valley, contact Verma Law Firm, located in San Jose. Offering reasonable rates and with a history of success, you can count on their immigration attorneys.
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Arjun Verma has been practicing law since 1989. A member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Arjun Verma is dedicated to providing his clients with the highest level of service possible. As an immigrant to the U.S., he takes a personal interest in all the cases he handles and offers practical advice based on the latest developments in U.S. immigration law.   US Immigration Law Firm, the Verma Law Firm provides legal services exclusively in the areas of business immigration and family immigration law.   We have been providing excellent personalized immigration services to our various corporate and individual clients. We place great emphasis and importance on personalized services.    Immigration Law is a fast evolving field of law, with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Department of Labor (DOL) implementing new laws, regulations and memos on a daily basis. We keep up to date with all the changes taking place in immigration law and we communicate these updates to our clients on a regular basis. We ensure all our applications are prepared correctly with accurate information. We double and triple check every H-1B/ H-4/ L/ non-immigrant visa/ PERM Labor Certification/ business immigration/ family immigration/ citizenship application, etc. that we file with the USCIS and/or DOL.   From time to time we have clients who have complicated immigration cases. We strategize to develop creative solutions to solve these difficult immigration cases.   Our main objective is to provide you- our client- with the best service possible. We We will respond to you in a timely manner, prepare and file accurate and complete applications, and keep you updated on new information in the quickly changing field of immigration law.   We have clients not only across the United States, but also across the world. As immigration regulations are governed by federal law, there are no restrictions forbidding a California licensed attorney from working on an immigration case for a client in another state. We represent clients from across the US. Phone consultations are available for our long distance clients, as well as our local clients. We have a number of local clients who communicate with us solely over the phone, or through email. We are always available to our clients, and potential clients, whether via phone, email, or in person.