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We at Immigration Desk are very excited to welcome you as our client. Our aim is to provide excellent legal services to you, at a fair price. We cannot change the current immigration environment – but as attorneys, it is in our hands to ensure you have every opportunity you need to present your side, so your visa gets approved. We are a nation of immigrants. Yet every President and every incoming government tries to shapes our policies to fit their election-year agendas. This leads to a multi-faceted, truly nuanced body of laws that is complex, with its application to your case changing every four years. At Immigration Desk, attorneys carve out time in each day to really know the law. We know that little-known regulation, or memo, USCIS policy or white paper -or that posting on the USCIS website that showed up 15 minutes ago -  that just may get your tough case reopened – and approved. Sometimes just knowing why the interpretation of a law was changed is sufficient to convince the Service to our side.  Knowing the nuances of the law is just the first aspect of getting a case approved. The second, and equally important part in knowing how to apply to it your case, so our legal expertise translates into an approval for you. To this end, we talk to our clients, understanding the very simple mantra to success— cases are approved based on true facts. Officers who review thousands of petitions know when the H1B petition has a true job description, or when you are trying to hide a DUI or domestic disturbance. We don’t try to change your job description, or your family situation or hide some facts of your case, to suit the current interpretation of laws. We hold fast to the belief that there is always something in the facts of your file that will win the case . It is only a matter of finding it. Because of this core belief, we take the time to talk to you. We take the time to learn the whole case, till we find that one fact that may get the petition approved. We work very hard at it. We use the laws, we use your case facts and match them. We aim to win. At Immigration Desk, a senior attorney personally reviews every petition. This extra time is our investment into ensuring that your petition has minimum errors so your record stays clean. Our insistence on submitting flawless filings results in your receiving minimal RFEs, and when you do receive RFEs, we respond aggressively and accurately to ensure that the petition is approved. We do not challenge the hardworking USCIS officers. We believe that they are our partners in this process. Instead, we use our extensive knowledge of the law and how it will fit your facts to persuade them to approve your petition. As you know from past experience, or from the person who referred you to us - we have a reputation for integrity, dedication and success. We get visas approved while maintaining high ethical standards. This insistence on quality has ensured that as a law practice, - Immigration Desk retains one of the highest approval rates for H1Bs and green cards in a law practice spanning 20 years of service to our clients. - Most of our corporate and family based clients have never had to go through a full USCIS audit and have fewer RFEs. - Over 95% of petitions we have filed year over year in the past 20 years, including RFEs (especially H1B filed since 2017) have been approved.   Our team at Immigration Desk really does make immigration easy! The smiles on our clients faces and their heartwarming testimonials are the true measure of our success. If we can help make the process easier for you as well, it would be our pleasure. Please consult with us, by emailing Info@ImmigrationDesk.com or telephoning 800-688-7892 x 1. You can also reach us by submitting your questions through “Avvo”. I thank you for your time. I look forward to serving you. Warm wishes, Attorney Anu Gupta Immigration Desk, Inc.