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Guide to Reopening NYC

Guide to Reopening NYC

Already a week ago, both Governor Cuomo and the New York mayor announced that the city is expected to enter its first phase of business today, June 8.

For three months now, the city has been disabled due to the outbreak of the Corona virus and what has it not gone through?

Breaking highs of record and global deaths, millions became unemployed, affluent who left her in favor of Up State, a historic subway cleanup and unforgettable evening.

So now, it's finally come to light that you can already see it for two weeks at the end of the Brooklyn Batri Tunnel.

We've made some order for you to know exactly what is happening in the next two weeks, unlike the last few months.

Stage one includes reopening the following industries and professions:


  • Opening of the construction business includes the following industries: building equipment contractors, building finishing contractors, foundation contractors, internal and external structure.
  • Construction of freeways, streets and bridges
  • Land Distribution
  • Construction of non-residential buildings
  • Construction of a residential building
  • Building service systems 

Complete instructions form for the construction industry in New York State.

Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting

  • Manufacture of non-food animals
  • Non-food crop production
  • Open animal production support activities
  • Crop production support activities
  • Forest support activities

Guidelines for Non-Food Agriculture in New York State

New York State Forestry Guidelines

Guidelines for the Fishing Industry in New York State

Retail - (with restrictions)

Step one includes shipping, curbside service and store pickup service only for the following businesses:

Clothing stores, shoes, appliances, books, furniture, flowers, jewelery, luggage and handbags, gardening and farming equipment, office supplies stores, gifts, sporting goods, musical instruments, second hand stores, health and nature stores and factories selling essentials and raw materials.

Guidelines to the Retail Industry in New York State.

Manufacturing plants

Details of production plants authorized to open businesses:

Apparel Manufacture, Computer and Electronic Products, Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacture, Furniture and Supplies for Furniture, Leather Manufacture, Machinery, Paper Manufacture, Oil and Coal Products, Plastics and Rubber,

Manufacture of Metallic Products, Manufacture of Wood Products, Textile Mills and Textile Manufacturing Raw production.

New York State Manufacturing Guidelines

Wholesale trade

Wholesale trade will allow for the following industries:

Clothing and fabrics, chemical trade, furniture, home appliances and electrical and electronic merchants, machinery trade, equipment and supplies for merchants, metal and mineral trade, paper and paper products.

Trading in electronics includes agents and brokers, trade in various durable products.

New York State Wholesale Trading Guidelines

* Every business will have to adhere to social remediation guidelines, protective equipment, hygiene and cleanliness, state and media communications and filtering that can be found on the site.

** Every industry should enforce a social remoteness of 6 feet and provide free employee coverage.

*** Mandatory checking will also be required and may include employee heat measurement and / or filling out questionnaires.

**** All instructions must be clearly communicated to employees before or on their return to work.

The five areas in New York State that were in the first phase can now move on to the second stage after data inspection and confirmation by experts that the transition to stage two is safe. 

The second stage will include opening the following business sectors:

Offices, real estate, in-store retail, the automotive business (sales, renting), opening repair and cleaning stores, managing business buildings and hairdressing.

Only after two weeks that a certain area is in the first phase will virus infection data be checked and after expert approval it will be possible to move on to the next step.

May we all successfully, just a little longer, hold together