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Just curious how many of know my YouTube channel? Let me know it’s cool to see this community! youtube.com/YudiJ

what is Power of Zero?

What was the most important thing you wanted from a bank when you first came to the US?

Ayo people!!! Hope you had a lovely Eid celebration and hope you are enjoying being a part of homeis community. I have a quick question, can you help us understand what information or things do you generally look for as a Pakistani living in the USA that is hard to find? Since we recently launched homeis for Pakistanis, we want you to find everything here and no where else 🙃

Please reach out if you like to financial plan that helps you prepare for both the good and not so good times.

Welcome to homeis!
If you've just arrived to the USA and feel lost, we're here to give you a hand! With homeis app and site you can find EVERYTHING you need to know about relocating from South Asia to the USA, living in the USA and meeting new friends from South Asia that live in the USA. Here you can find events for the community in your area of living, jobs, apartments, medical and legal services and basically whatever you need to get along in the USA. Welcome to your new home!

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