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Hi All, Am looking for someone who is Dislexic and professionally doing very well to be part of my podcast. If you know someone have them Contact me. You can reach out on any of these: 1. DM here on Homeis 2.DM on my Instagram profile ajo_logs 3. or email : nridiariesbyaj@gmail.com Thank you, Asha

Hi, I would like to ask you three questions whose answers will prove to be foundation to you and your family's financial future: 1. Do you have a plan to ensure you don’t run out of money in retirement? 2. Do you have a plan to minimize taxes in retirement? 3. Do you have a plan for your family and loved ones to be taken care of in the event of an accident? If your answer is NO then Please find some time to Chat with me for the safety and security for the family you love. Jagat Rathee Financial consultant Mass Mutual 908-421-1106

If I am already physically in the USA, does my spouse require to fill the form i130 (petition for alien relative)? P.s.: I am first applying to extend my nonimmigrant stay (form i539).

Hey I came to the USA on a vacation in March, met someone and we got married this month. My i94 expires on September 3rd. My spouse and I are going to begin filling the forms i130, i485 and so on. My question is once we submit those forms, am I still required to leave the country on September 3rd or will I be exempted from that because I'm applying to change my status?

Anyone knows how to make a simple App?

Welcome to homeis!
If you've just arrived to the USA and feel lost, we're here to give you a hand! With homeis app and site you can find EVERYTHING you need to know about relocating from South Asia to the USA, living in the USA and meeting new friends from South Asia that live in the USA. Here you can find events for the community in your area of living, jobs, apartments, medical and legal services and basically whatever you need to get along in the USA. Welcome to your new home!

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