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Are you an Indian National student on a F1 or a J1 visa holder that’s stuck in the United States? Let us know.

All my life I was told that I need to settle down in my life ? Today I would like to know ....What is “settling down” mean to you ? Finding a partner and getting married ? Being financially stable ? Owning a house? Car ? Having Degrees? What the heck is settling down ? Enlighten me!

Did you know that you can use your Indian credit score to apply for apartment rentals in the U.S.? Learn more in our recent guide on How to rent an apartment in the U.S.

Hey guys, working on a campaign and can use your help. Is there any immigration agency or consultancy that you used in India to work on your relocation to the USA? Can you please drop down the names in comment section. Thanks!

Coronavirus has created such panic and we want to help ease it as a community. We want to understand from you if there’s anything in particular any of you are struggling with? Coronavirus is impacting a lot of us indirectly. I had to put my family’s trip on hold. I am hearing about few students with housing issues as dorms have shut their doors on them. I also have a friend who has been left stranded in Spain as all travel from Europe are banned. If there’s anything you guys want to share with us, please do so we can activate community members who can pitch in to help. Any student looking for housing? Any families confused about travelling? Found empty shelves in grocery stores and couldn’t stock up?

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If you've just arrived to the USA and feel lost, we're here to give you a hand! With homeis app and site you can find EVERYTHING you need to know about relocating from South Asia to the USA, living in the USA and meeting new friends from South Asia that live in the USA. Here you can find events for the community in your area of living, jobs, apartments, medical and legal services and basically whatever you need to get along in the USA. Welcome to your new home!

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