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South Asians in אלבמה

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Nationality flags
איפה את/ה גר עכשיו?
מאיפה את/ה במקור?
לא מאלבמה? לחצו כאן
כל מה שישראלים בארה״ב צריכים
הכל במקום אחד, ובעברית
Common Questionsהצג עוד

Do you have dog? If yes which breed? Comment below I just got Golden Retriever he is 11 weeks old now.

Hey everyone-we invest in startups founded by immigrants. We want to know, for those of you who have started or are thinking about starting a business, what are the top concerns on your mind? Is it visa logistics and immigration info (lawyers, filing dates, etc). Or is more cultural or emotional obstacles? Answer directly here or DM us @onewayvc !

Guys, have you or someone from your friends/family been selected for the evacuation flights arranged by the Government of India? Please share your experience about: - total cost (flights + quarantine accomodation once in India) - travel dates and destination - any additional information Others may benefit from your help.


My self Ashok shah & My wife visit USA , Atlanta Georgia on 25 th November 2019 on visitors visa and my return flight ticket to india on 18th May 2020. At present India stopped international flights due to covid and when flight start will be uncertain. In this situation how i resuled my journey and visa. Please advise. Ashok shah

what is Power of Zero?