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US master’s degree | homeis

US master’s degree | homeis

Master's in USA

The diversity of cultures and attractive opportunity in united states has acted as an open invitation for international students to expand their academic horizon, and Indian students are taking this opportunity to another level, here is the complete guide for you before planning to apply for a masters program in the USA.

MS courses in usa

There and numbers of a master’s course Once you finish your bachelor’s degree, you have the possibility in the United States as in many countries of the world to continue specializing in your academic branch by means of masters or Ph.D. look for the respective course you wish to obtain do a proper research on it, as your career depends on program you are applying for. Look at the time frame and fees of the each program and universities, there are certain universities which offer masters program for a year as well we advise you to check the workload and credit conditions of the course if its fits as per your requirements then go for it, most universities offer 2 years of the masters program. 

The process of admission to US universities is complex. In the USA there are more than 4,000 universities and the requirements to study in the United States vary among institutions. However, all have in common that it is a long process, so we recommend you start the process well in advance, at least 1 year before. To start the procedures, you must do it on the web pages of each university. For this, you will have to think very carefully about where you would like to do your masters/postgraduate course since the process to apply to some universities is not free and need lots of time and mental energy.  

MS in USA cost

As for the master depends. The price of a master’s degree in the United States is tied to the type of institution you choose. Here an approximate price just for the reference: 

  1. Private universities: the prices of master’s degrees in the US range between $ 28,000 and $ 55,000.
  2. Public universities: between $18,000 and $30,000.
  3. Community colleges (Community College): in this case, the total price will be less than $ 25,000, including two years of career and is paid for each class.

Master's in USA requirements

Although the requirements usually vary according to the university, these are the most common:

  1. Statement of Purpose(SOP): it is a document, considered the center of the application, which explains to the admissions committee who you are, what you expect from the postgraduate course, what you want to do with your career, etc. It is written in English and in essay form.
  2. Professional resume: you must synthesize on your resume what has been your academic and career path so far. You should advise on the required style.
  3. Letters of recommendation written by university professors and work associate: make sure they include the seal of the university and the contact information of the professor. If you have some work experience you should include one letter from senior associate. 
  4. Degree title: duly legalized title, apostille and homologated.
  5. Language exam IELTS/TOEFL exam: its a must exam before you apply for any university, check with the respective university for the required minimum score for acceptance 
  6. GRE/ GMAT exam - these are very important exams, without this score one cannot apply for masters program, check with your respective universities for the required exam and minimum scores, There are also two more specifics to study medicine in the USA (MCAT ) and to study law in the US (LSAT).
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