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Ultimate Shopping Hacks to Save Money

Ultimate Shopping Hacks to Save Money

We understand your pain every time you go shopping. Especially if you’re still new here and haven’t stopped converting everything to Rupees. The pain is real homeis and we’re here to ease that pain a bit. Now, there’s no one on this Earth who would say no to saving some money. So, here we are with some great shopping hacks that will help you save money like a pro on your next shopping visit.

Love Those Coupons:

Yes. Those things that magically appear in our mailboxes almost every week. Coupons are the double-edged sword of this list. Don’t use a coupon unless you already were planning to buy the item. Remember, you’re saving money on something you need to buy and not buying something to save money. They are available online, at stores and even in newspapers. Also, check out your local grocery stores. The most important point is to forget brand loyalty when the motive is to save money.

Price Matching Policy:

This is a great policy which requires some bit of tracking. A lot of stores offer price matching. There are 2 ways to go about it:

1) Identify the item you need to buy from the store and search for a discounted price online on Amazon. Most stores like Walmart, target, Best Buy, Kohl’s and many more will match the price. A little research on price matching can help you save a decent amount of money.

2) This one is a bit tricky. You buy and item from a store and track its price online for a month. If the price drops, the store will refund the price difference. This policy can is restricted to a few stores and you’ll have to ask for store policies.

Loyalty Pays:

In a country of choices, brand like loyal customers. Loyalty programs at grocery stores can save you money on gas & give you access to special deals. Loyalty programs at some restaurants can get you free coffees at Starbucks, Dunkin, and McDonald’s! So, next time if a brand or a business is offering a loyalty card, sign up.

Plan for the Future:

Now, this one is basic Demand and Supply. Buy products esp. clothes during off season. So yes, buy that sweater or a jacket when it is burning outside. It will most definitely be on Sale. Buy that swimsuit during the winters. Basically, buy stuff that you’ll need in a few months now to save a lot of extra money.

Leave items in your cart online:

We love re-targeting. Next time you intend to buy something online, add it to cart and exit the site. Most likely, the seller will reach out to you with an incentive to complete the sale.

Beware of Dynamic Pricing:

A lot of apps use dynamic pricing. Which can be quite sneaky. Simply put, the price of an item you’re looking at online is determined by many factors. Sometimes it also depends on the day and time of the week as in the case of airlines. To avoid this, clear your browsing history or switch to Incognito mode.

Social Media all the way:

Almost every brand you like is present on Social Media. This is where they usually post flash sales or discount coupons. Stalking some of your favorite brands can be rewarding.

There you go. You are now equipped with all the “Juggad” information required to save some extra bucks on your next shopping trip.

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