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Tips to Adjust to the Weather in US

Tips to Adjust to the Weather in US

Congratulation! You’ve taken the plunge like so many of us and moved here. While you are busy setting up your home or hostel, let us help you with some simple weather survival tips. We’re sure your mother has packed those sweaters, gloves and mufflers. Trust us, they’ll come handy and you’ll thank your Mom later. Having said that, weather plays a crucial role here in the US. It affects pretty much a lot of your life (and shopping) choices. And then it hits you, why those characters in TV shows spent an awful lot of time discussing the weather. 

You also realize that people here speak in Fahrenheit. Trust us, we almost lost it first when we heard the temperatures being mentioned in 60s and 70s. The point is, you get used to it, and you have us to fall back on with any of your questions.

So, here are few tips to help you understand and acclimatize to the weather (and some small talk).

1)  Use that Weather App: A lot of decisions here are made based on the weather forecast. And guess what, they’re quite accurate compared to what we are used to back home.

If you’re moving from a cold place (North of India) to hot (South of US or West Coast):

2)   Eat and Drink well: Is this a nutrition guide? No. But we can’t stress this point enough. You’ll adjust faster based on what you’re consuming. So yes, drink plenty of water because dehydration is a real threat when you have a hectic day and the temperature touch the 90s (in Fahrenheit of course). Carry water bottles wherever you go because initially we are all hesitant to spend a $ on it. Drink less of your hot coffees or tea. We know that caffeine is really important, so instead opt for a cold brew. It’s quite good and hydrating as well.

3)  Air Conditioning: A cool home works like an oasis in the scorching summer heat. Invest in that AC. All kinds of AC systems exist; central, split system, window, wall, portable, and more. Find out what approach works best for your new place, and don’t wait to get it installed, especially if your move occurs during the summer. Use your home’s natural ventilation to your advantage by opening windows during the night in order to cut down on potentially costly energy bills.

If you’re moving from hot to a cold place:

4)  Suit Up: Not exactly. But this will be the time when those warm clothes packed by your mother will come in handy. We may have managed the quintessential “Dilli Ki Sardi” back home, but it doesn’t prepare us for the 30-40 kms/hr winds. A good jacket is a necessity to keep you warm and going. If you’ve moved during the summer, even better. Buy that jacket then, it’ll be cheaper. Once your clothes are sorted, you can get back to other important things.

5)  Umbrella: Unlike India, there’s no Monsoon season here. It rains pretty much anytime. Our advice is to check the weather before you step out and if forecast predicts rain, then carry an umbrella.

6)  Brush up on your driving skills and prep your vehicle. One of the most drastic changes to consider is winter’s effect on your car. More than likely, you will drive in icy rain or snow, so remember to drive extra carefully. Investing in snow tires or (even snow chains) in case snow and ice cover the roads can save you from a slippery situation later.

There you go. Just some tips to prepare you for your move here. You can prepare to brave mild or even extreme weather changes after your move with these tips. And remember, you can reach out to us with any questions. We’re here to make your move smooth and comfortable. After all, where are homeis for!!. 

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