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Step-by-Step Guide to Drive Through Corona Testing

Step-by-Step Guide to Drive Through Corona Testing

As the scare around Coronavirus increases, the county is ramping up its testing capabilities and several drive through testing sites are opening up in states such as California, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and even Texas.

Over the next few days, 47 of these sites will be set up in approximately 12 states.

What’s is important is that before you turn up at these centres for testing, you need to have your doctor’s letter of approval for you to get tested.

So, what to expect when you pull up for testing?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Arrival: Keep windows up, have orders, ID and insurance card ready:

When you arrive at the test site, you will be guided by road sign and also asked to keep your windows up. When you reach your first checkpoint, someone with a bull horn will ask you for your doctor’s confirmation letter (order) and appointment time.

After that, you move ahead into a white tent where the head of the VHC’s lab will again remind you to keep your windows up and through a microphone ask you how many of you in the car need to get tested.

You will be then asked to show your phot id and insurance card if you have one. You have to show this through your widow without pulling them down.

Get tested: Open the window slightly and get swabbed

A label is then printed for your sample as you are asked to drive through to another tent. This is where the testing happens. There, a lab technician asks them to roll their window down just a crack, tilt their head back and the back of their throat is swabbed. You can then roll up their window and drive off.

The sample is put into a sterile container and sent to a lab, where a chemical is used to pull the cells off the swab and turn the sample into a liquid form. That liquid is then put into a machine that goes through hot and cold cycles to make multiple copies of the virus’ ribonucleic acid (RNA), which carries genetic information. The machine looks to match the person’s RNA with the coronavirus RNA to determine a positive or negative result.

How long does the test take:

If there are no line, then it takes just 10 minutes for the entire process and the results are available in a few days. The time to get your results is getting shorter.

How many people can get tested each day?

Currently, their testing capacity is 60. They are trying to increase it to 100 by taking less time.

What do you need to remember?

You need to have an appointment for that testing site and your doctor’s order to get yourself tested. Otherwise, you will be turned away.

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Adult can assume about their own infection but how do we know that children or babies 👶 if they get infection ?
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