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Social Media Precautions for Immigrants

Social Media Precautions for Immigrants

Currently, when you are renewing your visa, applying for a Green card, or change of status, immigration agents have the right to review your social networks. The content can mean misunderstandings between agents and what you meant by x or y post – which is funny to you or your way of dressing can mean something else for the agent – so here we want to communicate six measures with which you can protect yourself.

1. Your real name is not a requirement:

On social media, you don't need to put the name your parents gave you, use a nickname, or change your name.

2. Don't use an email that links to your real name

Create an email that you only use for social networks and that is not connected with your name – not initials, not your birthday number – use your nickname, your favorite number or something you like- example: garamvadapav45@gmail.com-.

3. Change the privacy in your accounts

Think carefully about who you want your profile to see, what we recommend is that they're just your friends. The rest, modify your account so they can't even see your profile picture.

4. Do you know your virtual friends?

Consider that when you make content private, you are still sharing with a group of people. Confirm for yourself that you know those people and trust them. If you don’t feel safe with any contact seeing your content, remove them as friends or block them. You can always change this later if you feel safe again with them.

5. Your presence outside your profile

Your friends can tag you on their profile, what are those posts about? What are you doing in those pictures? Are you comfortable that that information is out there? And if the answer is no, ask your friends not to label you.

The same goes for the groups you post, think twice about what you'll post, those things, unlike your already private profile, are there for any member to see.

6. Drastic measures in this century

We know that this new requirement of immigration agents can make many very nervous. If this social media thing is taking your sleep away, consider deleting your Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.

Don't become paranoid, that's why we made this guide and we will continue to do more, the thing is just to be a little more careful with our presence in the media, outside of that, live and enjoy your life as Indians knows how to do it.

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Aromal· Feb 21, 01:32
Why are you suggesting to use a different email address on social media? When we go for visa stamping you have to declare all the social media account you used. So changing email in your account won't help.