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San Jose considers stepping up anti-graffiti efforts

San Jose considers stepping up anti-graffiti efforts

Fed up with taggers defacing city streetscapes, San Jose elected leaders Tuesday will consider beefing up anti-graffiti efforts with a new policy that reduces the time it takes to paint over tagging on private property when more than one complaint has been filed.

The move comes after San Jose spent years cracking down on graffiti and vandalism, aided by city tools such as a 24-hour hotline, email service and city app, My San Jose, that launched in 2017 to allow residents to report such illegal activities.

The new shortened process means city officials can re-inspect a private property site where graffiti was previously reported and immediately issue a citation, cutting out code enforcement officers from the process.

Previously, Beautify SJ staff would notify code enforcement officials to inspect a site after a second complaint had been received. Then code enforcement would send a warning notice to the property owner to remove the tagging before re-inspecting the site. If the site had not been cleaned after the two-week period, code enforcement officers would issue the property owner a $250 citation.

Read full article here: resimplified.me/2u9l0xB

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