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Questions to expect in a job interview

Questions to expect in a job interview

Got your first job interview in the U.S. lined up? When it comes to working in the United States, there is no such thing as too much preparation.

American work culture can get rigid, and so does its interviewing culture.

Here are a few common questions you could be asked in your job interview, and might want to prepare for:

•Tell me a little bit about yourself

•Your experience - they might have specific questions about specific things

or general

•Progression of your career – why you chose these roles, any gaps, changes in careers, etc.

•What you are good and not so good at (strongest point, weakness, etc.)

•Why you want to leave your current workplace / why you left it

•Working with others in the company - clients, managers, teams, etc. are you a team player, how do you handle horrible clients, bad teammates, controlling managers, underperforming employees etc. or about working independently

•How do you matrix manage – make people do what you tell them without authority

•What kind of manager are you – what is your style

•Where do you see the fit with this role

•Why do you want this role

•What do you know about the company

•Tell me about challenges / conflicts and how you solved them

•Tell me about success / greatest achievement

•Do you have other options / are you in process with other companies

•Do you have any question for me

•When can you start

•What are your salary expectation

•References / recommendations

•Why you chose your profession

•What you like and don't like in your current work, your profession, your career

•Why do you want to leave India / why you left / how much time you see yourself living in the new country / how many times a year you go to Israel

•What you are looking for in your career, your next role, your dream job, and why.

•Where do you see yourself in 5 years

•Are you planning to stay in this company for the long run

•How would your boss / co-workers / friends / family describe you

•What did you do when you disagreed with a decision at work

•How do you deal with the stress / workload / priorities at work

•What will you do in the first 30/60/90 days in this role

•Why should we hire you

•How did you hear about the job

•What kind of managers / employee / teammates do you prefer

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