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How do immigration agents use social networks against immigrants.

How do immigration agents use social networks against immigrants.

These days, Immigration agents are using Social media against you in a case of arrest, deportation or even in a criminal trial, such as a case of persecution by illegal re-entry, smuggling or harboring. For these reasons and more it can be risky to share information about you on social networks, especially information related to your immigration history or any legal problems you might have had.


Local police and ICE routinely monitor social media accounts, especially if a person has contact with law enforcement. During an investigation, they sometimes ask or order the social media provider, such as Facebook or Twitter, to turn over your social media history or account. Immigration agents could also ask you to turn over the password to your social media accounts. This means they have access to your posts, other people’s posts if they have “tagged” you, your social network, what you look at, messages, and your photos or videos that you upload to your social media site.


Here are some ways that immigration agents may try to use your social media account against you in a deportation case or a criminal case:


  • Accuse you of being a Gang member based on your images on social media platforms: For example, a simple tattoo, a hand sign or the clothes you are wearing in a photography can be construed as being related to a gang.


  • Investigate or prosecute you for illegal reentry: because your Facebook or Twitter account includes comments about crossing the border, or descriptions about living in the U.S. after an order of deportation was entered.


  • Accuse you of committing a drug crime for mentioning on social media that you have used marijuana or alcohol as a minor.


  • Take you to trial for using a social network (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) or text messages to tell others to avoid, run or hide from places where immigration agents are carrying out a raid.
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