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Home Remedies from the Indian Kitchen

Home Remedies from the Indian Kitchen

Home remedies from the Indian Kitchen When you are feeling under the weather, turn to your kitchen. Home remedies are great not only because they are natural, but also because it is a part of your regular grocery. Food is medicine indeed, especially in Ayurveda, which uses food to get your body back into balance. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- General ailments ✓Cough Turmeric| Before bedtime, drink warm milk with turmeric and honey. You can add pepper to the mixture too. Turmeric’s antiseptic and antibiotic properties will soothe the cough. Ginger & Tulsi (Holy Basil) | Mince fresh ginger and boil it in water. You can even add Tulsi leaves. After it cools, strain, mix with honey and drink. Both these ingredients have antibacterial properties that will kill the cough bacteria ✓Cold and Flu Lemon| Hot water with lemon and honey will surely cure the sniffles. The vitamin C increases immunity and fights off the bacteria Cinnamon and Cardamom| Powder these spices, boil it in water and make a tea. Add honey to enjoy the mix. All these ingredients are antiviral and anti-inflammatory. ✓Sore throat Salt| It may seem simple, but gargling with salt water will clean out the throat, loosen phlegm and act as an antiseptic Black Pepper| A decoction of raw honey and pepper will coat the throat and reduce the soreness. ✓Insomnia Nutmeg & Saffron | Mix a dash of these into warm milk for undisturbed sleep ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stomach ailments ✓Acidity Amla (Indian Gooseberry) | This can be consumed diluted as a juice, which will help calm the stomach and heal the inflammation Jaggery | Ending a meal with jaggery will make the stomach more alkaline, thus reducing acidity. The stomach cools and intestine strengthens due to its high magnesium content. ✓Constipation & Gas Ghee | Combined with warm milk, this combination will line the stomach and help you go to the toilet easily Methi, Saunf, Jeera & Ajwain Seeds (Fenugreek, Fennel, Cumin and Carrom Seeds) | These seeds strengthen the digestion process since they each have enzymes and oils that stimulate the glands that secrete digestive juices ✓Diarrhea Banana | Its high potassium content binds the stool and relieves the stomach Buttermilk | Live cultures of dahi (yoghurt) mixed with water will place good bacteria in the gut. You can have it with cooked rice and the starch will reduce the symptoms as well ✓Nausea Pudina (Peppermint)| Menthol’s strong scent, anti-cramping and cooling effect on the nervous system helps in natural nausea relief. You can consume it raw or boil the leaves. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skin ailments ✓Acne Neem | Apply neem leaf paste made from crushing and boiling the anti bacterial leaves to cure acne Papaya | Leave on a mask of squashed papaya for a few minutes on the affected area to get rid of the pimples, unclog pores and cool the affected area. ✓Bruises, cuts and stings Potato| Raw shredded potatoes will reduce inflammation and their moisture will heal the area quickly Coconut Oil | Using this will prevent scarring, and its anti-fungal properties can heal wounds too. ✓Eczema Aloe Vera | The cooling effect of Aloe Vera will reduce the itchiness. Consider growing the plant at home so you have easy access to a pure source ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hair and tooth ailments ✓Hair fall: Henna | Used for natural cooling and coloring, henna leaves strengthen and condition the hair Curry leaves | These leaves can be used while cooking, but also can be added to oils to stimulate hair growth ✓Toothache: Cloves | Chew on cloves to reduce toothache, bad odor and kill bacteria Garlic | Garlic can be consumed if you have cavities or tooth decay. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties promote oral health, but make sure you brush after you apply the crushed garlic paste on the affected area. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Try these natural remedies and you won’t be disappointed to see your kitchen turn into a pharmacy.

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