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6 ways to handle stress while studying abroad

6 ways to handle stress while studying abroad

Studying in USA is fun and exciting journey in itself. However, it has its adverse effects too. At times students deal with other side effects of studying abroad and dealing with stress is one of them. Symptoms associated with depression can be easy to list, especially while adjusting to a completely new environment like studying abroad in a foreign country. Some of the more recognizable symptoms are: A)Inability to Get out of Bed/Motivate Yourself B)Lack of or Too Much of an Appetite C)Unavoidable Negative Thoughts D)Erratic Mood Swings E)Lack of Focus or Pervasive Forgetfulness F)Difficulty Sleeping or Sleeping Too Much G)Irritability H)Physical Pain I)Lack of Interest in Things You Once Loved J)Difficulty in Upholding Self Care K)Intense Anxiety (Anxiety and depression often coexist) As depression can be difficult to diagnose and treat, especially while abroad, it is important to not only check in with yourself regularly but also identify hobbies, people, and places that will be able to help you during your time of need. Some items to consider both before and during your time include the following: 1) Prepare in Advance by Facing Your Issues: If you know that you are prone to anxiety and/or depression, prepare ahead by speaking with a therapist or psychiatrist at home and start looking into it in advance. 2) Participate in Creative Expression: Writing, drawing, singing, acting, and other creative hobbies are all excellent ways to reflect and make decisions with a calm and clear head. 3) Speak Honestly with Others: Be open about your issuesIf to those you can trust and who is close to you. You never know when someone is able to help. 4) Maintain Proper Diet & Exercise: Staying in bed ensures that you will dwell on negative thoughts and do less and less to help yourself. Get out of bed and start wokring out and each healthy food. 5) Seek Professional Help: Be sure to study up on your program or university’s insurance benefits and locate the nearest medical professionals for both everyday care as well as emergencies. Many colleges in the USA offers such benefits and usually fully covered by your school or work place’s benefits program. Hope this will help.
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