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Photographers United

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. Here's a group for all the photographers out there. Share your best, your worst, your mediocre images and grow together P.S This is not a food photography group, please head over to Food+photography or the food photos! No spamming , advertising and no selling of services of anykind. Any post not related to photography will be deleted!
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Group Highlights

So on week 10 we had chance to meet and greet few photographers from the group,

'Warning' guys this call was waaaayyyyy toooo lengthy to post or even to edit....so here are few bits and pieces of the call, in this call we have discussed our top photographers work, photography tips and trick, and during the call we came up with different concepts, and i promise will work on those concept and surely come up with interactive sessions.

Till then keep clicking... and happy world photography day

P.S Sue Loukik Sai krishna Ram sri Suniti Thank you for your time

see you soon guys....

Week 12: Editing

Finally we made it to the last challenge. The theme is editing, go all out on editing. This is your last challenge. Try not to post old photos, push yourself to take a new photo and edit it. Some of the commonly used FREE apps for cellphone photography even DSLR photography are Snapseed, Picart and free version of Lightroom. Explore these apps, make your photos stand out! Good luck


Week 11- Window...

Be creative on this one, this challenge is to show your perspective or creativity through window. Be original, post your own work, also just one entry please.


Week 10: Music

There are endless possibilities for this theme. From instrument alone to people playing instrument, what ever you can come up with. AGAIN “ONE ENTRY ONLY & Please post your own photo” Good luck you guys!


Week 9: Reflection

This is a fairly simple one, so try being creative! There is so much you can think of. Pinterest some ideas, google them. Don’t just go for the easy way out. Challenge yourself! Again 1 entry per challenge. If you post a photo from the internet, you will be disqualified from the whole challenge. Good luck!

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