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Working in the Tech industry? This is the place to consult on any need you have: hiring, design companies, head-hunters, lawyers, CPAs, and any other thing that can make our professional life easier. Feel free to share best coding practices, ask for solutions if you are stuck somewhere in your code. Let’s help each other out and make this a strong community. Be it preparation for interviews or debugging a code. Share it with the group. Who knows, we might just have a start-up on our hands.
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Hey homeis, Have you ever wondered what is the use of a pure function. I mean if a function always returns the same value as the input then why even use it. Came across this blog on Medium. Have a read and enjoy. "Pure functions are conceptually similar to mathematical functions. For any given input, a pure function must return exactly one possible value. Like a mathematical function, it is, however, allowed to return that same value for other inputs. Additionally, like a mathematical function, its output is determined solely by its inputs and not any values stored in some other, global state." medium.com/better-programming/what-is…

Cracking coding interviews are hard. We all know that. It's no longer about practicing the same 50-75 practice questions. It's all about your state of mind, the amount of practice you've had and how you can perform under pressure. So here's something that we came across and are sure that you'll like it. It can't get any more detailed. Good luck for your next interview. medium.com/@aahmad_49388/the-ultimate…

Came across this on Medium. Though the title of the article comes across as click bait, the article is quite good. Read it if you're interested in JS. medium.com/dailyjs/i-never-understood…

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