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Food knows no boundary. Food brings people together. Share recipes, restaurants, reviews tip and photos of your amazing food.
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Alright, we had a tremendous response to the competition. Almost 90 of you came up with the funniest, the weirdest and ewww concoction of dishes. Some were even difficult to imagine. And We guess that is the beauty of it - our imagination when it comes to anything related to food. So, here we go. As promised, 3 winners of the competition are: Darshan Sandeep Mohit Congratulations you guys. You will shortly get an e-mail from Varsha on how to claim your free meal prep from our partner The Cumin Club. For everyone else, we have something for you all too. You can subscribe to the Meal Plan from The Cumin Club for a 20% discount. Just use the promo code: homeis20.

Hey Fellow Bhukkads,

Here's a great contest for all of you. Since all of you have shown how Bhukkad you are, it is time to relive some of your biggest Bhukkad Stories.

Share with us your Biggest Foodie Moment here in comments.

What is a foodie moment you ask?

Well, remember the time you ate 5 chillies just for a Rs. 10 bet with your friend or the time you and your friends went to a all you can eat buffet and ended up spending 3 hours eating everything that was there. We're talking about the moment that qualifies you as a fellow Bhukkad.

No, don't share pictures of your food. Not even your recipes. Share the stories behind that picture. That is what we are looking for.

And in Return for your stories, we have something for you all.

A fellow Bhukkad has started a company called The Cumin Club.

And they are willing to handout 3 Free Meal Kits to the top 3 Bhukkad Stories.

Cherry on the cake: Everyone gets a special discount on Meal Kits.

Use the coupon code: homies20 to avail the discount.


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