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How to waive / Reduce Overstayed Fine in UAE

Hi homeis, I wrote a small guide for people who got either overstay recently or here illegally and want to waive their fines. Please go through the guide and lemme know if there is anything I could help you with.

I will guide you to waive all of your overstayed fine for whatever reason you got overstay either on your visit visa or residency visa.

Note: This guide is just only for Abu Dhabi Visa but you can follow it for other states too if you know where exactly to go.

First of all, you should know how much your fine is and for how many days you have been overstayed once you know that please go through the below guide. TO check your overstayed fine Please go to ica.gov.ae website. 

Documents you require to process this application ( Waive your overstay fine on visit visa or employment visa )

  • Visa Copy
  • Passport Copy
  • A new labour contract ( if you have a new employer issuing your visa if not leave it )

Step by Step Guide to waive or reduce your overstay fine

Application Typing

the first step is to type application in immigration, for that you will have to go to immigration it’s called “AB immigration Office” link here :  

Once you are at immigration, there is a typing centre to type application called “ Other Services-companies- visit-transfer to court request”

Before you type the application, it’s also better to ask the “Prosecution department” that you are there for waiving the overstay fine and let them guide you.

Once you type your application in the typing centre, then send that application to the immigration by below email.

cf.ad@ica.gov.ae ” ( Please confirm that from the prosecution department too, as it could get change in future ).

Waiting for the immigration response

your next step is to wait for immigration reply on your email, please check your email daily as well as your spam folder because most of the time their reply goes to the spam folder, their response takes up to 2 weeks.

Going to court

Once you receive the reply, they would have mentioned the timing of court and your visit in the email please use a translator to translate their email.

usually, the court timing start from 10 am so it’s better to be there before 10 am. By court, it exactly means the same immigration where you went on the first time.

Waiting for Court response

You will receive an email or message from the court asking you to pay the fine within 3 days of your visit to court, the court fines are usually 1000- 1050 AED. Pay that online by a card and then you will receive a stamped document from the court on your email within 15 mints once you pay. send that documents along with your application to below email.

ec.auh@ica.gov.ae ” ( confirm from immigration or send to the one that they give you on a visit )

Final Step Changing your status.

once you send the court document, they will waive all of your fines and give you 3 days to allow you to change the status to another visit visa or employment visa. please do change your status as soon as possible to avoid fines, else your fine will start again.


  • Make sure to check spam folder always.
  • When you are paying to court and put your case number please don’t change any name there even if it is showing in a wrong spelt.
  • make sure to change status as soon as possible to avoid fine
  • keep checking your overstay fine online every day from this beta.smartservices.ica.gov.ae/echanne…
  • if you have any question in the middle, you can always call the immigration or ask them by email. they usually respond very fast to any answer you ask them

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Daya· Nov 15, 21:20
is this applicable to all country people like Bangladeshi and others
Harris· Nov 19, 02:14
Yes for everyone
Rafique· Nov 17, 07:22
HellO boss can you give your mobile no two contacts you
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You can contact me on 0566079661 Please whatsapp me only
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