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Nyks Divesh
Abu Dhabi
a month ago

Hardware Technicians

Hardware Technician Job Description

1. The Hardware technician’s primary responsibilities include the assistance, maintenance, and monitoring of the company’s computer systems.

2. He must track all documentation of hardware failure, installation, repair, and replacement.

3. Hardware Technician will also implement and take care of new computer projects and hardware installations. They must possess knowledge of contemporary hardware equipment and IT-related duties.

4.This professional assembles and configures all network components. They also collaborate with other departments to facilitate hardware acquisitions and deployment.

5. Apart from hardware assembly and maintenance, the technician evaluates new computer products for deployment in the organization. They will research and recommend hardware products for purchase and provide all technical specifications required for networking hardware and software products.

6. The technician will record and schedule timely maintenance, upgrades, and repairs on an on-going basis.

7. The job profile includes hardware acquisitions and deployment in addition to coordinating all ancillary services.

8. The computer hardware technician must also offer training to the staff to handle crisis situations. They are responsible for all aspects of staff workstation hardware, networked peripheral devices, and other networking hardware.

9. As required the professional must also focus on the computer and networking software products. They should research and deploy corrective measures to resolve complex PC problems.

10 Repair Technician must maintain an inventory of all monitors, keyboards, and other crucial equipment. They also generate reports on PC performance through periodic testing. Hardware Technicians construct, install and test customized computer configurations based on the platforms and operating systems present in the organization.

11. The Hardware Technician job role also includes assisting seniors or specialists to resolve any critical issues. It is the responsibility of the professionals to verify whether the IT department is equipped to rectify the problems. They should also verify and submit the warranty claims whenever required.

12. The technician will also play a prominent role in cleaning the computer systems for imaging. The professional has to remove all computer software and install it when the operating system gets corrupted. Typically, the Computer Hardware Technician takes a full responsibility to reinstall all the necessary software after operating system replacement is successful

Educational Qualifications

The Computer Hardware Technician must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. It is recommended that they also have related work experience in the field.

A master’s degree is optional.

They must have basic knowledge of the fundamentals of support, networking skills, microcomputers, and operating systems.

Dewana· Oct 30, 13:24
I need job