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Find your dream job by being your best and unique self! I help in personal development, your resume and LinkedIn profile.
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How to use the Resume Template in MS Word? Open MS word. It will ask you whether you would like to proceed with a blank document. Under the "Search for online templates" Click on "Resume and Cover Letters" Next select the appropriate resume template from the results. A pop up will show up and you can click on "Create" There you go! Now you can work on your resume templates.office.com/en-us/resumes-an…


Many of us have a hard time getting our resumes reach the potential employer right? Lets say you wanna work for your dream company and your ideal job pops up. Many of us question how can we look attractive on a resume. People who have worked many jobs under one designation are aware of how departments like Marketing, reception, purchasing, accounts or operations work. So why not prepare a resume based on separate professions? I learned this the hard way. The best way to update your resume is to look for keywords mentioned in the job posting and also mentioning synonyms. Here's today tip on how to differentiate your resume from others! Good luck on the search!


Did you know Body Language plays an important role in your interview? Body language mistakes can break a job interview! Here are a few tips that you need to know when interviewing: Sit up straight Eye Contact Smile Gestures by hand Focus on one spot Show enthusiasm and positivity Lastly, be as kind and humble


How to deal with toxic People 1. Focus on yourself 2. Don’t take their behavior personally 3. Set Boundaries 4. Change your attitude. 5. Be friendly 6. Build a relationship with that person 3 Final Steps for Dealing with Toxic People  Become more conscious of who you surround yourself with. Connect with those who remind you who you are.  Become more conscious of how society perceives you.  Become more conscious of how you perceive yourself.

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