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Let’s Yoga is an initiative where we believe that every “Body” can do Yoga no matter the age or the body type. We are here to illuminate the yogi in you — whether you are a professional looking for some distress during the day or you’re a millennial in need of a quick energy boost, or a working woman or a well-being enthusiast eager to explore the world of yoga to reap more harmony in life. We welcome you! � We at Let’s Yoga completely focus on your holistic health well being by helping you develop a deeper understanding with your body and mind. Our practices include a few sets of asana sequences along with pranayama and meditation and can be easily practised by anyone, as we believe Yoga is for you too. ​Following the yogic routine helps you in becoming the best version of yourselves by boosting your energy levels (chakras) with the help of three folds of yoga known as pranayama as it flows the prana (energy from the environment) into your body, asanas as it helps to stay physically fit and dhyana which offers more clarity to the mind. ​

To make this knowledge accessible in quick easy steps we offer donation-based health workshops and yoga sessions along with weekly classes held at the price of your coffee. 😄

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