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Tech Rajdhani

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Tech Rajdhani (Expand Your Presence Online)

is a Web Development & Digital marketing Firm. Its sole purpose is to help businesses expand their presence by expanding their brand to the world of Internet.

Digital Marketing

Yes, half of the world knows Digital Marketing today. But not everyone does it right. Don’t fall for the pressure of doing it all. Let us help you do it the right away, at the right time. 

Tech Rajdhani’s digital team can help you with consultation and execution of search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and others as required.

Social Media:

2020 has got us all closer (virtually) through social media, making it a crowded place. So, if you aren’t there yet, we’ll take you everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. We won’t just take care of your organic journey, but paid as well. With the relevant images, texts, videos, gifs, hashtags, budgeting and various other elements, our social geeks will help you grow. 

SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is an investment, which will never depreciate. It’s a life-long asset which will only multiply with time, if done regularly and correctly. 

Good quality backlinks, keyword optimized content, strategic content marketing and more– is all taken care of by our SEO enthusiasts. They ensure your 3600 content meets the latest Google algorithm standards and boosts your website ranking. 

Email Marketing:

No matter what they say, email is still one of the most read form of content, prevailing till date. And we don’t just ensure you reach people’s inbox, but achieve maximum open ratio.

TR team assists you with the best email marketing tools, software, platform, to let you make the most of this undisputed king in the world of marketing.  

SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

Growing organically takes time. As a result, we have search engine marketing – using paid advertisements, appearing on social media feed, having the keywords used. It helps you reach (sometimes convert) a wider audience in a shorter span of time.

Our seasoned paid media professionals help you convert your website leads to paid customers by studying your audience and competitors, creating campaigns, analysing it through Google Analytics and re-optimizing whenever required. 

Content Creation and Marketing

All the branches of marketing listed above, are impossible to start and grow without its fundamental seed – content. 

Blogs, social media copies, infographics, emailer, video scripts, paid ad copies – are all taken care of by our experienced content and copywriters. They don’t just write for you, but determine how, where and when to market it. 

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