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If you've just arrived to the Canada and feel lost, we're here to give you a hand! With homeis app and site you can find EVERYTHING you need to know about relocating from South Asia to the Canada, living in the Canada and meeting new friends from South Asia that live in the Canada. Here you can find events for the community in your area of living, jobs, apartments, medical and legal services and basically whatever you need to get along in the Canada. Welcome to your new home!

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Frequently asked questions

Where can you buy Desi groceries in Canada

South Asian immigrants in Canada are often on the lookout for desi grocery stores close to where they live. Spices and vegetables are missed by the South Asian palate and finding a South Asian grocery store nearby is an important consideration while choosing one’s home or apartment. These days, almost every province in Canada, has a South Asian (desi) grocery store where you can buy all kinds of dals, pickels, frozen food and fresh vegetables.

Is my master's degree valid in Canada?

While moving to Canada you might be wondering if you degrees or diploma from your home country will be valid here. That's a fair thing to worry about. However, there's a way you can asses the value of Degree here in Canada. This process is called Educational Credential Assessment and it is an assessment of the general comparability of an international educational programme consisting of your degree, diploma, or certificate to a completed Canadian educational credential, in the format that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada requires.

How Do I Get a Job in Canada?

While getting a PR in Canada resolves the issues of Immigration but to sustain one also needs to find a job. Thankfully, with a little persistence and hard work, getting a job in Canada is not so difficult. There are multiple options available and there's a thriving South Asian community here ready to help each other. So, the best thing you could do to land a job in Canada is network with other South Asians.

Where do I find good Desi food in Canada?

South Asian love their food and rightly so. But a lot of Canadians have also come to love our cuisine and as a result it is not difficult to find a Desi restaurant in most Canadian cities and towns. But to find the really good and authentic South Asian restaurants nearby, you have to look further: check in neighborhoods with a big South Asian community and ask for specific recommendations.

How to send money back home?

Most of us here in Canada send money back home. While doing a wire transfer from your bank is one way to do it, one of the easiest ways is to send money through various money transfer apps. Look for exchange rates offered by these apps, the time to process the transaction and choose the one that suits your needs the most.

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