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What's Is In Your Future?

What's Is In Your Future?


When it comes to planning for the future, everyone’s goals are unique. With Whole life insurance, you can tailor a plan to meet your changing insurance and savings needs.

Not only will you benefit from guaranteed premiums, death benefit and cash values, you are also eligible to receive dividends which can be used in a variety of ways including reducing your premium or increasing your death benefit.

Participating whole life insurance can help you:

  1. Provide for your loved ones:  The death benefit can be used to replace your income and maintain your family’s lifestyle.
  2. Create an inheritance:   The tax-free death benefit creates an instant legacy for your loved ones or a favourite charity.
  3.  Preserve an inheritance   Your beneficiaries can use the proceeds to cover final expenses and estate taxes and fees, keeping their inheritance intact.
  4. Build wealth you can access  Use the cash value to supplement your retirement income, help pay for your children’s education or financial needs, or even pay future premiums on your policy. 
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