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Mind-Body-Spirit CARE
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Mind-Body-Spirit CARE

This is a group where we can share how we are REALLY doing. How is your Mind? How are your emotions? How connected do you feel to your own vessel—your body? How is your spirit these days—are you feeling high/low spirited? This Group is NOT meant to replace any mental Health care by a licensed professional. Please speak with your Mental Health Professional if you require their help in any form. This group is meant for general discussions on various topics of self-care. There is NO mental health professional present in their professional capacity in this group. Would I be incorrect in saying that we’ve All, as a species, experienced Massive Waves of emotions during these past 8 months of COVID?I know I went through a BUNCH of them myself! I’ve witnessed that under pressure: some people crumble, some barely make it, and others experience pain and then thrive! This group is to help us all explore what it is that helps us not only “make it through”, but also Thrive, by finding our own unique strengths when life hits us HARD! We can discuss all sorts ways here for utilizing and Maximizing our strengths! Our goals, our fears, our failures, what message would you have for another person, on the same journey, you’ve already walked? Other ideas may include: Meditation groups This is YOUR group! You have the inherent ability, and now an opportunity to add value, and support to the life of another person.
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