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Your 2021 Numerology Predictions

Born on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th

2021 predictions by date of birth reveals that Number 1 individuals will see some significant changes in their lives in 2021. It is good if you work towards making the year better yourself as many things in 2021 could be the result of your Karma. You are likely to feel a spiritual change in yourself that will give you a better perspective in every situation. Your efforts will be rewarded so make the most of every opportunity that you get this year.

Things you should do

If you are still depressed about things taken place 3 or 4 years back, then this is the time for you move on and look at new avenues that will bring you success. Be it about a break up or a failure in terms of your job or studies, it is time that you take the next step and forget the past. This year the planets around you will help you to cope up with all your failures. Some of you may be inclined towards spirituality while some will find fulfilment by going on an adventure. If you have been planning to begin a new venture or fulfilling something you had wished for long then it is a good time to go ahead with it. You should stress more on new beginnings and the things you are looking forward to this year than dwell in the past.

The sun is in full support for you for this year. It will help you to gain more confidence and polish your leadership qualities. The colours which will prove to be lucky for you are mainly bright yellows, oranges, purple and the other colours of the rainbow and the sunny ones. Energy is what will be your driving force this year.

2021 The Year Ahead

Number 1 individuals can expect an eventful and fabulous 2021. However, it is most important that you do not give in to unnecessary emotions which might have a negative impact on your decisions. Welcome the changes which you may come across in any field such as job, career, relationships or finances. Leave the past behind otherwise you might miss out on golden opportunities offered by the planets around you. Also, it is important that you live in the present and come out of all the depressions and mistakes of the past. You will be able to accomplish your goals successfully this year and this will motivate you move forward with enthusiasm. Your high energy level will enable you to get things done even if you have to face any challenges. Overall a year full of energy for Number 1 people. When the rainbow seems to be in your favour, your life in 2021 is sure to be full of colours.

Lucky Numbers for the year – 1, 2 and 7

Beware – Keep your ego on check

Born on 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th

2021 predictions by date of birth reveals that the year 2021 is a good year for Number 2 individuals as 2021 totals 5. You have to keep up your effort and hard work and you will receive both appreciation and recognition in every aspect of your life. As the saying goes, Patience will be your Key to success this year because you might be required to show this virtue in many situations in 2021.

An ending leads to a new beginning and thus you must not hold on to your past but to prepare yourself for a new beginning. Cooperation and understanding will help you get past all your challenges. 2021 is a year to maintain a friendly attitude which will help you make connections that will prove to be very helpful in the future.

To have a good time in 2021 you need to do what makes you happy without being caught up in issues that bring you down. You have to leave behind all the effects and sadness of the past and gracefully accept the karmic effects to have a better life ahead.

Expect a good year ahead

Planetary alignment indicates that 2021 will help Number 2 people become more patient and receptive. You will be able to cope with any difficult situation effortlessly. Moon is your guiding planet for this year and silver along with shades of silver will prove to be very lucky for you. Moon is itself a symbol of peace and thus meditation will be very helpful for you. Individuals in the Craft and culinary stream will be seen achieving new heights in 2021. These achievements will motivate you to keep doing exceptional work.

2021 will bring new connections for you. If you are single you can expect a romantic connection coming your way. Your naturally warm personality will attract a lot of attention so welcome every opportunity that comes you way. It is an otherwise favourable year for relationships however you may face some disagreements which will get sorted out if you handle them calmly.

2021 The Year Ahead

You are not to concentrate on the wrongs which are taking place in your life instead focus on improving yourself. This year will make you more enduring, which means that you will be tested quite a lot at the emotional level. Professional success is expected if you make an effort to avoid unnecessary arguments at workplace and keep a cooperative attitude with your co-workers. Also, try to concentrate on the minor details of your life which you otherwise ignore. Marriage is in the numbers too and if you are already married, do spend quality time with your partner.

Lucky Numbers for the year – 2 and 7

Beware – Mood swings and negative thoughts

Born on 3rd, 12th, 21st, 30th

2021 predictions by date of birth reveals that the year 2021 is a year of completion of all the pending tasks and a time to begin afresh. You may have been a part of many projects, relationships, etc. in the previous year but may have left them unfinished. This is the time to wind it up all and look to the future.

On the personal front

You might be facing a number of relationship issues for some time and if they end you will be convinced that whatever happens, it happens for good. Therefore this year can be called as the year when you take time out for yourself and polish your skills to progress ahead. 2021 is a year of happiness for Number 3 individuals. You are expected to gain new energy and it will be wise if you utilize this energy to do what you love even if it’s your favourite hobby. Spend your valuable time in doing things that you have wanted to do all along but never took out any time for them. This will bring you happiness and contentment. Your talkative nature will impress those around you but you must be careful about the choice of words. A good year to begin any new project which you had long wanted to. In spiritual terms also, this year is ideal for any kind of meditation or pilgrimage.

2021 The Year Ahead

Travel sounds good this year and you should definitely find some time for it. The optimistic zeal in you is sure to impress a lot of people and bring things in your favour. Uranus and Neptune are highlighted in your chart for this year and happy colours should prove to be lucky for you. Purples, violets, bright hues and smiley faces are some lucky colours and totems. A very positive year for you, you will build good social rapport with a lot of people this year. New friendship is on the cards and your charm will amaze everybody in your social circle. You can also develop likings for new hobbies besides, you will have the curiosity to experience many things which you never had. Talking about the work, new projects and initiatives are on the cards and chances to succeed are high. Love relationships at workplace can be expected. Your responsible nature will attract many others. Health will be good and in fact travelling will make you healthier. So, planning short trips to interesting places will be a good idea. Financial matters however need a little more attention and make sure you do not rush while making commitments regarding financial matters or sign documents without making yourself very sure.

Lucky Numbers for the year – 3, 6 and 9

Beware – Self obsession and running after money

Born on 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st

2021 predictions by date of birth reveals that year 2021 will bring strength and support for Number 4 individuals. Your inner strength will enable you to face every challenge with courage and ensure victory. Being more organized will help you sort out your priorities and plan your way ahead effectively so keep that in mind in 2021. A lot of creativity surrounding you will inspire you to do better. This year brings very high spiritual and positive energy also. You will be able to balance your spiritual aspect with your professional and personal commitments very well.

Spend time alone

Loneliness is only what we term it, alone time does not always have to be unwanted. Pack your bags this year and go out on a solo trip to rediscover yourself. Just because you always take the company of others, you have forgotten what your own goals and ambitions are. Go out and spend quality time with yourself and answer your inner queries. You are sure to come back with a better mind and much more energy to guide you in the right path. Spending time alone will help you to understand yourself in a better way and also to understand which side needs more of your attention. The much needed trip will give you time to think about matters which you have ignored unconsciously.

Know the vibrations

This year your vibrations are caused by the effect of Uranus. This means you will be more composed and will be able to exude high level of intelligence in many fields. This will also bring you prestigious honours and unexpected rewards. This is also a great time to polish your skills and do things which you thought you could not. Your seriousness for your goals will inspire you to bring perfection in your work. Paying attention to every detail is important therefore you must try to be more organised if you are not.

2021 The Year Ahead

Social service is also on the cards and you will be surprised by the amount of contentment and happiness that it will bring in your life. Saturn and Uranus seem to be the highlighted forces on your chart. You will have a rebellious attitude this year and will be ever willing to break traditions and taboos to experience many new things. Rebellious symbols and half tone colours will guide you the best in 2021. This year may be a bit more stressful for you. Your work will demand overtime and concentration but you will be able to cope up with this phase due to your new found brilliance and energy. The phase will not last long but till it lasts it will be very difficult. Your hard work will however yield positive results. It is also important to know that you might feel frustrated at times and you have to control it for the better. The financial front will however remain strong. A greater focus on your health and shape is much needed in 2021.

Lucky Numbers for the year – 1 and 2

Beware – Speculation tendencies

Born on 5th, 14th, 23rd

2021 predictions by date of birth reveals that ss a year of completion, this year everything will come full circle and this is also the time you take a lot of decisions rather than clinging on to things which have long left you. You are to decide as to what you are going to do next and what you are to leave behind. It is important that you forgive and forget people because remembering how people have hurt you or things have turned unfavourable will only dishearten and discourage you. Do not look back and just walk ahead towards the new start. Yes you can turn back only when you feel, you need to repair some important things in life. This is a very positive year for Number 5 individuals.

New Beginnings

It is important to sort out all negativity and misunderstandings before making a fresh start. This is good time that you write letter of apology to people you think you have hurt. The power and force of the vibrations of number 9 are very strong and karmic effects are inevitable. You can expect a lot of changes this year and going with the flow will ensure success and growth in your personal and professional aspect in 2021.

Where to focus more

2021 is also a year of relationships for you as you will learn to express yourself more especially in terms of personal relations and communications. You will make new connections and may also find your soulmate if you already haven’t.

Mental peace is what will be very important for you in 2021 and you will achieve it if you keep yourself calm even in trying times. You will move faster towards a new and more successful avenues. Also stop depending on others for everything in life and do not suppress your decisions anymore. Voicing your opinion is very much needed and you are the one to decide what is right and what is wrong for you. Make your decisions, falter and then get up to start afresh. Winged symbols will act as the lucky totems for you and the colour blue will be the guiding colour for you. Take a look at the position or house of mercury when you follow your numerological chart to guide you better.

2021 The Year Ahead

This year will bring increased energy and optimism with a lot of opportunities also. You will be busy choosing amongst so many new opportunities and your decisive nature will help you choose the best. Your good performance will bring appreciation and this will keep you motivated all throughout 2021. You are likely to have a remarkable growth in financial as well as personal terms. Personal terms here define the fact that you will be much more matured this year and this will help you act very wisely in times needed.

Lucky Numbers for the year – 5

Beware – Impulsiveness

Born on 6th, 15th, 24th

2021 predictions by date of birth reveals that Number 6 individuals will get opportunities to spend some peaceful time and involve themselves in a lot of meditation. In this way you can attract positive energies and magnetic forces towards you. Your guiding planet is Venus for this year and the Venusian meditation is the best for you to achieve energy which in turn you can devote into things which need more of your attention. Shades of pastel and pink are the most suitable totems for you.

Personal Life

The keyword for 2021 is ‘relationships’. You are likely to be much more ready to take up additional responsibilities and make more compromises for your loved ones. You will experience growth and development and take a step ahead at being a more matured person. Times may come when sacrifices will be hard for you, but your sense of duty and love for your loved ones will help you cope up with all the problems. This year, your personal life and relationships with near and dear ones will remain extremely good.

2021 is a year which is especially very good for couples. Romance is in the cards and you are likely to spend some quality time with your partner. If you are in a relationship already, you may even decide to tie the knot. Enjoy the intimacy and precious moments shared with your partner as these will help strengthen your relationship in due course.

2021 The Year Ahead

You must also understand that you know what is best for you and therefore must not be easily influenced but what others think. Think clearly before making any judgement as it will impact a lot of aspects of your life. The work front will not be very dynamic rather growth will be extremely slow but you need to accept things in a positive manner. Also, you must know how to enjoy the small things in life. Taking it on an even more positive note, this year will give you a chance and teach you the value of small things in life which you have always ignored to pay attention to the bigger things in life. Take your time and then wrap up all the unfinished work to start afresh with newer and better opportunities. It seems, 2020 was an extremely hectic year for you and that you have lost contacts with many of your friends. This is time you contact all your buddies and organize a reunion. Socializing is strongly in your cards and this year will bring back all the lost friendships and relations back to your life.

Lucky Numbers for the year – 3, 6 and 9

Beware – Spending habits and running after opposite sex

Born on 7th, 16th, 25th

2021 predictions by date of birth reveals that 2021 is a year when you need to spend time alone to understand your own mind and soul. Jupiter is the main ruler of your number this year and Neptune is the co- ruler. Meditation is a very good way to give you a lot of peace and this is also going to help in finding answers to a number of queries. These are questions that have risen inside you consciously or subconsciously and have continuously bothered you. These much needed answers are likely to be found with the help of right ways of meditation. Water seems to be the best totem for you. Trying out deep marine colours along with watery shades of pastel and sea green seem to be lucky for you.

Give time to yourself

This year you need to take a break from your regular pace of work and give yourself some isolation from your busy life. It is good if you take a vacation and rediscover yourself. Also, this year cut short your friends circle and socialize a little less as otherwise you are losing time for yourself and your family. Taking up new projects is good but do not stress yourself too much, instead go slow. You should let life take its own turns. Involvements in spiritual and cultural activities might give you a lot of peace. Participate in meditation sessions and other such activities to give your mind a lot of rest which is very much needed.

Time to do future planning

2021 will give you a lot of chances to look back and reconsider things you have left behind. This is a time to make particular corrections which you could not till now. It will enable you to take better decisions about your future and make sure that you are on the right track. There are chances that you make new beginnings which will have almost no connections with your past. Health and finances both will be good though you must avoid stress and worries. 2021 will give you time to learn new things and gain new skills that will benefit your progress.

2021 The year ahead

The field of study and knowledge is likely to attract you the most this year. You may participate in several study and discussion related activities where you will be able to express yourself better. Also broadening the horizon of your knowledge might also keep you busy. Writing is also on the cards. You may find deep interest in expressing yourself by means of writing. It can be the best possible way for you to jot down your experiences and express them in the best way.

Lucky Numbers for the year – 1, 2 and 7

Beware – Give your mind some rest

Born on 8th, 17th, 26th

2021 predictions by date of birth reveals that 2021 will bring greater focus and concentration and also a lot of intelligence for you. This is the time when you have already rediscovered yourself and are in full swing to prove yourself. You will be taking wise decisions and actions which will earn you impressive returns especially on investments. Dark hues of black, navy blue and other darker shades of red, green, indigo and others are the best to bring out the positive vibrations in you. Clocks and other wisdom totems will prove lucky.

Know about your fame and finances

This year is all about your personal achievements and you are likely to earn a number of accolades for all that you do. You are in an extremely competitive and resolute mood and will be successful in solving and pulling out the best out of complicated situations. Promotions and economic recognitions are strongly on the cards for you. You are in an extremely ambitious mood this year and this will lead you to victory in every task or challenge you will take in 2021 on your personal and professional front.

2021 The Year Ahead

This year as mentioned earlier has a lot of goodies in store for you however certain things may not be in your favour. It is important that you accept the positive and the negative in a graceful way. You are sure to get rewarded for all the good deeds that you have done in the past but you will also have to work harder due to the wrongs that you might have done. Whatever task you undertake will bring you success and progress this year as long as you put in all your effort. You are most likely to gain new skills that will take you a long way so do not miss any opportunity to learn. Leadership is your hidden quality which will come out with flying colours in 2021. Your dedication and discipline towards all that you do and also your ambitious nature will make you an inspiration for many and a role model for some as well. You will not have work very hard to manage people but the lovely charm in your personality will make people follow you as it is. This quality will also earn you good positions in your professional life and help you prove yourself trustworthy. Overall this year rewards you for all the hard work you have done the previous year. All you have to do is keep that spirit going and be sincere at work as well as relationships.

Lucky Numbers for the year – 4, 5 and 6

Beware – Your loyalty

Born on 9th, 18th, 27th

2021 predictions by date of birth reveals that Number 9 is a very powerful number as it is ruled by Mars. This year Number 9 individuals must be very careful. Try not to lose your calm as the strong vibrations may lead to greater brawls. The force of number ‘9’ exudes too much power and you could be a reason of troubles at times. Be very careful not to be fiery and also stay away from dangerous or attacking objects as you may make use of these when you lose your calm. Avoid conflicts, arguments or debates of any sort as much as possible. The most important advice for you this year is that you must think practically and not emotionally when dealing with people or situations.

Changes taking place

This year is very important and especially for you as you will come to a conclusion regarding a lot of things. You have to take a note of all you have achieved and what all you could not in the past year. A change in personality is likely to happen this year. You may realize what your priorities are finally. It will be difficult at times to cope up with the fact that you will realize that the things which were till now extremely important for you have lost their position to other things. You will also find yourself undergoing a change in values, ethics and principles and these will mostly be based on whatever you have experienced till now. These will definitely take you on the right track and bring you the success that you have been waiting for.

2021 The Year Ahead

Your generous nature will be appreciated and charity will bring you happiness and satisfaction. Planning as to how you can make your life better will increase focus and enable you to achieve your goals. Learning new things will give you an upper hand in many situations so think about it this year. Termination of a number of things will take place too. It will help you clear a lot of confusion and take better decisions. Change in job or beginning of new venture is on the cards. Your financial front will be stable but you need to pay attention to your health. Spend time with family and friends no matter how busy your work schedule might be. Overall it is a good year and all you need to do is keep yourself happy and calm in every situation. Whatever happens you must make the most of this year.

Lucky Numbers for the year – 3 and 6

Beware – Your anger and driving

10 Saved