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What is PNP and How does it work

What is PNP and How does it work

PNP(Provincial Nominee Program):

It is a program for the skilled workers who are willing to emigrate to Canada, the people who have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory. Their ulterior motive is to settle in Canada by applying for the Permanent Resident via IRCC(Immigrants, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

If you are also one of those who are willing to move to Canada and aren’t sure which immigrant clase makes the most sense for you, give a thought to the Provincial Nominee Program.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a province or territory you want to get settled in. Please choose it wisely, as different provinces has different cost of living, so you need to must have the skills, education and work experience you need to support yourself and your family.

·      You need to check your eligibilty with the each, as the provinces which participate in PNP have their own different set of norms and eligibilty criteria. You can do that by visiting the website of each province.

·      This is the second step, in which the application process comes into action, after you have met the eligibility crietria of a particular province.

The application process has 2 series of PNP- Express entry and Non-express entry.

Express Entry as you can conclude from the name is for the workers who are skilled, helping them emigrate to Canada faster. Non-express entry is for the unskilled workers. These 2 are still not regarded till the time you don’t decide where you want to live in Canada.

If your application is accepted by the PNP, the province or the territory will nominate you, then you will apply for the PR(Permanent Resident) through IRCC.

As part of the application process, you’ll need a medical exam and a background check undertaken by the police. All immigrants must go through those two checkups, no matter where they intend on living in Canada.

·      After getting done with the above step, you go towards the Processing time check, considering the Non-express entry stream, you can check the processing time on the website (Online). The processing time displayed online will be accurate as the Canadian government update processing time for this stream every week.

Express entry stream has not yet got the option of checking the processing time online as it’s a new(as of 2016), but their website says that these applications should be processed in six months or less.

·      After you submit your application, there are a few things that happen. First, the government acknowledges that agents at its offices have received it. You’ll receive a letter saying the government is assessing your application regardless of whether you applied through the Express Entry stream or the non-Express Entry stream. Should your application be incomplete, the government will reject it and refund your money. If you’ve applied through the non-Express Entry stream, you’ll be told when to submit a police background check and the results of your medical exam (Express Entry applicants have to provide these documents when they apply).

Based on the information you provided in your application, the government will decide whether or not you’re eligible to come to Canada. Immigration officials might ask for further documentation or information, and they might invite you for an interview.

When your application gets approved, immigration officials will request you to submit your passport, so they can verify if you are a citizen from a country which requires VISA to enter Canada. They will also send you a confirmation of Permanent Residency.

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