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The Power of Numbers & Numerology

Think about India's top 3 disasters..

What comes in your mind?

  1. Gujarat Earthquake
  2. Terrorist Attack in Mumbai
  3. Tsunami which affected India as well
  4. Another one could be Mumbai floods

When did these occur?

Gujarat Earthquake - 26th January

Terrorist Attack - 26th November

Tsunami - 26th December

Mumbai floods - 26th July

What is common in the above?

The date 26th

Critics can call it co-incidence, but is it really a co-incidence? If yes, then too much of a co-incidence.

This can be explained through Numerology

26 totals 8 which is ruled by planet Saturn, as mentioned by me in my previous posts. The impact of anything occurring on 8th, 17th or 26th has a huge impact. On a lighter note, demonetization in India was announced on 8th November :)

Number 8 has enmity with Number 9, which is ruled by Mars as Saturn and Mars are enemy planets.

If you read my post on Name Numerology, the numbers for Gujarat, Mumbai and Sri Lanka can be calculated as below




All the 3 above have been always disturbed due to attacks or natural disasters because Number 18 is made of 1 and 8 which are Sun and Saturn and it totals 9, ruled by Mars.

Kashmir and Srinagar, both also total 18 and they have been always disturbed for various reasons.

This post has nothing to do with people born on 18th or 26th.

Did you know?

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed on 17th July 2014. Its first flight was on 17th July 1997. It crashed exactly on its 17th birthday in a unique way. Number 17 also totals 8. Again, there was another crash for Malaysia Airlines in the same year on March 8th, again 8. And if you have not guess already, Malaysia Airlines totals 9, so again 8 and 9 come together for a disaster. Well, it can be a co-incidence :)

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