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Simple Steps to Plan Immigration to Canada in 2021

Simple Steps to Plan Immigration to Canada in 2021

The Canadian government wants to develop the economy to be at peace with the rest of the first-world nations. However, with a populace of only 37.4 million, that is turning out to be very difficult. With 18 percent of the population over the age of 65 and of the lowest fertility rates (1.47 kids per adult woman), the Canadian government is scrambling to encourage an influx in its population growth.

The solution is simple, welcome hard-working and talented foreigners to become part of the country to create a mutually beneficial future for the nation and the prospective immigrants. 

Canadian Immigration Plan For 2021-23

Canada will accept more than five hundred thousand new immigrants from 2020 to 2023! There are many avenues to migrate to Canada and obtain permanent resident status, but we will identify the most straightforward and quickest ways to settle down in one of the world's most diverse, secure, and hospitable nations. 

Canada will seek to accept new legal citizens at the following pace over the next three years:

2021: 401,000 new immigrants 

2022: 411,000 new immigrants 

2023: 421,000 new immigrants 

The Immigration Levels Plan specifies the number of new permanent residents that Canada plans to accept shortly and the criteria under which it intends to admit them. Canada embraces immigrants in the following categories: on financial grounds, relatives, asylum seekers, and humane and benevolent grounds.

Express Entry

For newcomers exploring a better life in Canada Express Entry is the quickest and most common pathway. Express Entry arranges and handles applications for individuals seeking to move to Canada and gain permanent residency in Canada. 

Ideal applicants are candidates with terminal degrees from a recognized university with professional work experience and moderate English or French proficiency. Applicants who apply for the following activities are also entitled to request an Express Entry program application. Applicants with better profiles will often be preferred over applicants who merely fulfill the necessary threshold.

Express Entry Application Process

To your Express Entry application, an official Canadian job opportunity for a qualified, full-time role can contribute 50 to 200 points. Express Entry can require as little as six months to process from the submission of the Express Entry application to the authorization of a permanent resident visa. Not all instances will progress this easily, however.

If you are not eligible to apply, your Express Entry account will stay operational for 12 months in the pool of applicants. If you have not been picked after a year, you are free to re-submit your request and stay in the queue.

You can also check the notice board at the official site for Canada's Government to always be in the loop with the latest updates. 

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