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Renew Your Indian Passport in Canada

Renew Your Indian Passport in Canada

A lot of us have been here in Canada for a while. There can come a time when your Indian passport is expiring, or you've traveled a lot and your pages are now full. In that case you'll have to Renew / Reissue Your Indian Passport.

But the first question that comes to your mind is:

Can I renew my Indian passport in Canada?

Yes. You can renew your Indian Passport in Canada.

All the Indian Passport services are handled by M/S BLS International.

Follow the steps mentioned in the below Guide to know how to Renew Your Indian Passport in Canada

Now, since you are in a foreign country, you don't quite know all the steps involved in renewing your Passport. Don’t worry. Here’s a guide that will help you out with every step of the passport renewal process here in Canada.

Like most government documents, to get this one too you need to fill an application from. Your old passport is returned to you and you may need to carry both your passports the next time you travel.

The first thing you need to do is identify your Consular jurisdiction. This is needed because after you fill out all the forms needed and have collected the documents, you need to mail it to the correct M/S BLS International center in Canada.

Below are the Consular Jurisdictions based on your current address:

  • British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan : Vancouver, Surrey, Edmonton, Calgary

  • Ontario ,Quebec except for areas under the Ottawa Jurisdiction, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland: Toronto, Winnipeg, Brampton

  • National Capital region of Ottawa-Hull, Kingston, Cornwell, Hawkesbury, Arnprior, Renfrew, Perth Prescott, - Brockville, Carleton Place, Smith Falls, Morrisburg (all in Ontario), Montreal (in Quebec) and Nunavut territory – Ottawa or Montreal

What documents do I need to renew my Indian passport in Canada?

  • Duly filled in online application form-https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/Kindly ensure to mention one Indian and one Canadian address in the Passport application form.
  • Two recent photographs of size (2inch x 2inch) with plain white background and the dress in preferably in colours offering contrast with background for clarity. Please refer to Photo Specifications here.
  • Original passport of the applicant.
  • A copy of first and last page of the current passport.
  • A copy of legal status in Canada (PR card / study permit / work permit / visitor record).
  • A copy of landing paper.
  • A copy of proof of address (copy of driving license or any other government issued address proof).
  • Click here for Annexure "E":Annexure E form

The Renewal Steps:

Step 1:

Visit: https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/

Step 2:

Here, you need to click on “Register” Link

Step 3: 

After you Register, Login with the registred login ID and Password on "User Login" link

Step 4:

In the Applicant Home Page, click on "Apply for Ordinary Passport/Emergency Certificate/Police Clearance Certificate/Surrender of Indian Passport/Diplomatic Passport/Official Passport/Identity Certificate" link to file a new application

Step 5:

After successful submission,take a printout of the online submitted form

Step 6:

Visit the respective Application Processing Centre/Embassy/Consulate along with required supporting documents mentioned above.

Some FAQs

How much does it cost to renew Indian passport in Canada?

Issue of New Passport / Re-issue of Passport having validity of 10 years :

C$ 100 (for a 36-page booklet) + C$ 3 (Consular surcharge) + BLS C$ 7.40 including tax (which is also applicable for minor within the age group of 15 - 18 years).

How Long does it take to Renew Indian Passport in Canada:

The processing time for normal passport is 6-8 weeks but for Tatkal passport it is 5 business days (excluding transit time). If you need your passport on urgent basis you may apply for Tatkal passport by paying an additional Tatkal fees of $199 by way of bank draft/money order in favour of Consulate General of India.

How many days in advance can I renew my Indian passport?

You can apply for a renewal 1 year or 365 days before your passport is about to expire. The latest (according to our suggestion) you should apply 6-8 weeks before your passport is about to


Where to submit application:

Applications for passport services can be deposited at any of these Centres, depending on the convenience of the applicant. The addresses of these centres are given below:

1. Toronto BLS Centre-1448 Lawrence Avenue East, Unit 6A, Toronto, ON M4A 2V6, Canada.

Phone: +1-416 307 2237 ;Website: www.blsindia-canada.com

2. Brampton BLS Centre-20 Gillingham Drive, Unit 701,Brampton, ON L6X 5A5, Canada

Phone: +1-416 307 2237 ;Website: www.blsindia-canada.com

3. Winnipeg BLS Centre-1770 King Edward Street, Winnipeg, MB , R2R 0M5, Canada.

Phone: +1-204-285-3985, Website: www.blsindia-canada.com

The Consulate has not appointed or authorized any other agency or individual agent to render any passport service on behalf of Consulate other than M/S BLS International

Please Note :                  

  • Applicant has to come in person.
  • The applicant must provide Passport, PR card/ Landing paper or any other related document in original for verification.
  • All copies of documents should be self attested (sign & date). 
  • Additional documents may be needed for verification depending upon the documents submitted.
  • In case your PR card is issued after 01.01.2015 or not producing any category, a copy of landing paper is also required.

COVID-19 Alert

Please send your Passport to the BLS by Post/courier. BLS is offering postal service due to COVID-19. Please contact their call centres / customer service to book your postal application at the given numbers (Brampton/Toronto – 4163072237; Winnipeg- 2042853985. BLS can also be contacted by email at – qc.ca@blsinternational.net  (website - https://www.blsindia-canada.com/) . Services may have longer processing times.

Other Update:

The Government of India has made some important changes in the Passport Rules which are reproduced below:


Following marriage, remarriage or divorce:

a) An applicant applying for re-issue of passport for incorporation of his/her spouse:

b) A woman applying for change of name/surname in existing passport due to marriage;

c) Divorcees applying for change of name OR for deletion of spouse's name in existing passport

d) Re-married applicants applying for change of name/spouse's name in passport.

Except the details provided by the applicant (of any category mentioned above) in the application form, no proof of marriage/dissolution of marriage (court's order for judicial separation/decree of divorce) etc. is required.

In other circumstances for change of name, the applicant (both male and female) should furnish:

(i) Clippings of two local newspapers or the Gazette Notification of the concerned State Government, as the case may be;(ii) At least two public/school documents issued in the desired/applied changed name to ascertain that the applicant has actually change his name."

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Jaspal· Aug 24, 20:13
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Komal· Aug 24, 20:41
Rahul· Aug 24, 21:02
Thanks. Any other document required if passport already expired? Any police clearance reqd?
homeis in Canada· Aug 24, 21:21
No. You'll need the Annexure E form though other than the ones mentioned above
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Renu· Aug 24, 21:04
Quick question- i have checked BLS Canada website it doesnt have clear instructions about the postal service. Can anyone please throw some light? Also regarding the payment of fee? Is the acceptable form only Demand Draft?
homeis in Canada· Aug 24, 21:34

This is the link to book your courier - [[Sign In to see link]] When you fill the form on this link, you should be able to pay the fees through your Credit or Debit card as well. According to the BLS website, you can only use Puralotor Courier for your passport services. We still suggest to call or e-mail them once before proceeding - Brampton/Toronto – 4163072237; Winnipeg- 2042853985. BLS can also be contacted by email at – [[Sign In to see link]]

Pulkit· Aug 26, 01:49
they take debit and cash. no credit though. I would recommend visiting them once and they will mail you back your passport. It is only 10-20 fee and you can track your passport too as they give a tracking number on the spot. My passport took 2-3 weeks to arrive. If you have any questions please do ask
Shashank· Aug 24, 21:48
Very useful. Thanks.
Sonam· Aug 24, 22:05
Francis· Aug 24, 22:49
Hi purolator has lost my renewed passport package. What should I do now please tell me a solution for this.i called the courier services they don't have guilty for this and asking me to reapply for a passport
Harish· Aug 26, 12:26
If it's completely gone, you'll have to report to police and re-apply.
Kamlesh Amritpal· Aug 25, 00:52
A very useful informations....thank u.
Rajeev · Aug 25, 14:04
Thanks a lot
Prince· Aug 26, 21:51
Where Can I get the One rupee Revenue Stamp?
Srunaj· Aug 28, 00:31
That was informative, and concise explanation