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Prescription Medicines from Home Country

A common question that a lot of people have asked on this platform is about getting prescription medicines from their home country.

So, Can you bring your prescription medicines to Canada?

The short answer is yes, you can bring your prescription medicine to Canada. This will allow you to continue the medical treatment that you are currently following. But, be sure to follow guidelines defined by Health Canada.

You can bring medication that is prescribed to you or anyone that you’re responsible for who is coming to Canada with you.

You can bring:

  • a single course of treatment, OR
  • a 90-day supply (whichever is less).

You cannot import prescription medicine by mail or courier.


  • Pack your medications (prescriptions and essential non-prescription medications) in your carry-on baggage to avoid theft or loss. This includes any medical equipment such as syringes, needles, inhalers, etc.

  • Keep prescription medicines in the original container with the label that indicates what the drug is. Do not put medicines in unmarked containers.

  • Be prepared to answer questions about your medications at the airport and border crossings. You do not require information from your doctor about your medical condition, but it may be helpful.

  • Carry a photocopy of your doctor’s prescription.

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