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Predicting Cricket Matches through Numerology

Numerology can be used to predict the outcome of cricket matches. For example, India totals 12 in Numerology which 3, ruled by Jupiter. For India, dates totaling to 3, 6 and 9 are luckier than other dates. So the below dates will be luckier for India

3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30

But the above dates can be lucky for the opponent team as well. Predicting a cricket match outcome can be difficult as a lot of parameters are in play. I have been accurate only 80-85% of the times. To keep it simple and short, below are the parameters used to predict a cricket match.

Date of Match – Eg. 5th , 6th etc

Day of Match – Eg Monday, Tuesday etc

Country match is being played

Venue – Eg London, Mumbai etc

Jersey colour of the teams

Date of Birth of Captain

Month match is being played

Year match is being played

Let’s analyze a match to understand it better

Even when 2 equally good teams are playing, the day may be favourable for the both the teams. Say for instance there is a match between India and South Africa played on 12th March.

Numerologically, India comes to 12 and South Africa comes to 41. Here the name number of both the countries is the key.

Lucky Numbers for India are: 3, 6, 9

Lucky Numbers for South Africa are: 1, 3, 5 and 6

According to the above, Number 3 is lucky for both the teams. 12th March is Number 3 day. Just looking at the name number and date it will make you feel that the day is lucky for India as India comes to 12 and the date is 12th March, but this is not the case. Since the date is lucky for both the teams, the day is equally good for India and South Africa.

In these situations, predicting the outcome becomes more difficult. Knowledge of astrology can be handy here but again getting the horoscope of all the countries is difficult (Like individuals have horoscope, countries also have horoscope).

To get better accuracy through numerology, I have been using the following parameters and the assigned weightage to predict the outcome:

·      Date = 25%

·      Day = 15%

·      Jersey Colour = 18%

·      Month = 5%

·      Year = 3%

·      Venue = 13%

·      Country of Venue = 7%

·      Captains Date of Birth = 14%

Again, the above are not benchmarks. I have been following the above parameters but it is more a matter of judgment when it comes to the weightage attached to these parameters. I myself keep on changing the weightage according to the results I get when I try to predict matches.

Now let’s discuss the parameters above one by one.

We need to reduce every parameter to a Number and then compare that number to the date and see which team that particular parameter is favoring. Confused isn’t it? You will not be after going through the below.

Let’s analyze the same match India V South Africa held at Nagpur on 12th March 2011, Saturday which ended in a nail biting finish

Date: 12=3 Lucky for both India and South Africa as lucky numbers for India are 3, 6 and 9 and lucky numbers for SA are 1, 3, 5 and 6.

Day: Saturday or Number 8 (Saturday is for the planet Saturn so we take as Number 8). Number 8 is not favorable for any number but as we had discussed in the earlier chapters that Saturn favors Mercury. Since SA is Number 5 (Mercury), this day will highly favor SA.

Jersey Color: Wearing a jersey color which favors the team is important. India wears blue jersey which is for the planet Venus. Venus is Number 6 and 6 are lucky for both India and South Africa.

Month: Month is March or the 3rd month. 3 favor both India and South Africa.

Year: 2011 is 4 which is again neutral for both the teams

Venue: Venue was Nagpur which is 25 or 7. 7 are again neutral for both the countries.

Venue Country: India which is 12 or 3. 3 is lucky for both the countries, however we may give slight benefit to India as it is the home country for India and gets favorable conditions.

Captain’s date of birth: The captain of Indian team was Dhoni while the captain of South African team was Smith. Date of birth of Dhoni is 7th July and the date of birth of Smith is 1st Feb. 3 is not the lucky number for either of the captains.

If we observe the above analysis carefully, we notice that mostly all the parameters are either neutral for both or favorable for both. But SA gets slight advantage because the day is Saturday. No wonder, the match was a very fighting one; it was almost India’s match; however SA managed to win the match in the last over because of the day Saturday.

Predicting IPL is difficult as the number of factors are too many but I will be trying for the India V Australia upcoming series in Australia and will post my analysis. Please note this is for entertainment and does not promote betting etc

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