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Congratulations! You're now on homeis and part of an exciting community of people loving abroad, who share the same homeland as you. 

Community means coming together. Reaching out, connecting, making friends, finding activity partners. Getting together, to party, to network, help each other out or even fall in love. You can begin to build your community of homeis right away. 

To search and find other members of the community, simply click on People in your bottom bar.

Here you can explore suggested homeis communities. You can also use built in filters to find people based on Age, Relationship status, Location and search settings.

See someone interesting? Found someone who shares a common interest? Simply click on their profile and send a message, or click Join to send the member your friend request. Don't hesitate. This is your chance to meet interesting new people in the city. Please be responsible and uphold community standards for what is appropriate on the app.


And of course, tell your homeis more about yourself. If you haven't done it so far, you can add or edit your bio profile, age, status, link your profile to your Instagram and more. 

If you are a business owner, you can also create a Business Page using your name under your profile on the My City tab bar.

Keep exploring HERE! This is your community on homeis.

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