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How to improve your CRS

How to improve your CRS

What is CRS?

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is the points-based system Canada uses to assess and score your profile and rank you in the Express Entry pool. So, once you create your profile, you are given a certain amount to score and that score is based on few factors.

The factors are mentioned below :

  • Age
  • Level of Education
  • Language Proficiency
  • Work Experience
  • Spousal Factors
  • Siblings in Canada
  • Arranged Employment
  • PNP Nomination

How to improve CRS?

There are a few areas of the CRS score where you may not have claimed all of the points you can get. Take a look at this list and make sure that you’ve claimed all the factors that apply to your situation.

  • Gain more work experience

Although you can earn more points by getting Canadian work experience, your work experience outside of Canada can still count towards your transferability points. You will be able to start earning points from one year and upwards for Canadian work experience but you'll be able to earn the maximum amount of points once you have 3 years or more under your belt.

  • Apply through the PNP

Did you know that you can earn an extra 600 points just by having a PN! That’s already half of the maximum score that you can earn. Most of Canada’s provinces have Express Entry aligned PNPs that allow the government to select your profile directly from the Express Entry pools.

  • Job Offer

Having a valid job offer, that meets all of the government’s criteria is worth an extra 200 points. Knowing how to get a job offer in Canada is not as complicated as you may think and can be achieved in just 5 easy steps. The most important things to look out for in your job search is that the job offer is a full-time position (for at least 1 year) at skill type 0 or level A or B and, in most cases, be supported by an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) which you should receive from your Canadian employer.

Once you have a valid job offer, be sure that you have the appropriate Canadian work permit as this will allow you to work in Canada.

  • Complete an Educational Qualification

Knowledge is power, in more ways than one. By completing another educational program you will not only be adding to your skill set but will be able to claim extra CRS points based on your level of education in the Core/human capital section but also via the Skill Transferability section if you have strong official language proficiency or Canadian work experience.

Top Tip: Getting a Canadian qualification will not only grant you more CRS points but will prepare you for your professional career on an international level, not to mention that your student life in Canada will give you the most unforgettable memories and experiences in your lifetime.

  • Brush Up on Your Language Skills

There are 2 ways that you can earn extra points:

  • Learn a second language; or
  • Retake your language test.

If you are fluent in both English and French you may be eligible to claim points for both. You’ll be able to claim points both in the Core/Human capital section if you score a CLB 4 or higher and can earn anywhere between 6 to 32 or 34 points depending on whether or not you’ll be immigrating to Canada with your spouse or common-law partner. 

  • Spouse

Candidates with a spouse, however, may have additional potential for improving their CRS score because the spouse's level of education, language ability, and Canadian work experience may all be rewarded. You can add up to 20 points to your CRS through your partner’s first language scores. You can add up to 10 points to your CRS score by getting ECA done for your partner’s education.

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