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How to get a new SIM Card

How to get a new SIM Card

Sim cards are one of the most important resources if you are going to a new city or country.

Sim card is the only thing which will help you connect with people who you know, who you want to know or you need to contact in case of emergency. You can’t afford not buying a sim card if you are going to  a new place.

In this article we will be specifically talking about Canada. In Canada there are 3 main providers (BELL, TELUS & ROGERS) and a troop of small scale resellers, some of them which are under these big providers.

Initially, it may seem like there are many choices at your mobile disposal but unfortunately that’s not the case. Competition is indifferent between these 3 biggies, with indifferent expensive mobile plans across the board.

The foremost step in getting a sim card is heading towards a Superstore (Canadian Supermarket Chain) or affiliate. One can find a store close to them here. The odds of activating the sim card on your own is most likely to happen, so be prepared if the seller doesn’t come forward and do it for you. It will only take 5-10 minutes to activate over the phone. Also activating only works with the phone they sell to you.

There is a probability that you may need to provide your ID/PASSPORT to get a sim in CANADA, and you will require an unlocked phone or have to buy a phone from the provider. If the phone is currently locked, you may also be able to get it unlocked in a general mobile store if you don’t mind losing your warranty.

Prepaid SIM Costs

PC mobile is the best bet if you would like a little bit of talk and text with your data. The sim card costs $10 CAD( CAD= Canadian Dollars), which includes a $10 credit on your account.

Basic call and text packages at $10 CAD/Month. You can add data packs on top, starting at $5/100MB, and going up to 2GB for $50.


The best option in your hands is to pick up a top-up card from the same locations that sell sim cards. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to top up your account over the phone or online if you don’t have Canadian Credit Card.

Coverage and Data Speeds

Although the country is very large, mobile coverage is good in and around all of the population centers and where people tend to go. 4G LTE is available in all major cities, and is really fast.

Try the following link if you need to know more about plans.


The following information will be just useful for Indians travelling to Canada, feel free to ignore it if you are not travelling from India.

For mobile numbers registered in India, you don’t need to go through this hassle for finding a sim, Indian numbers do work in Canada. You just need to activate international roaming pack on your existing number. Airtel charges 3700 INR for 3GB data, 250 calls and 100 SMS, which is valid for just 10 days. It’s not a long term solution because ultimately you would have to shift to a Canadian sim card, but you won’t have to go through struggles in your already struggling days of immigrating to a new country, so yes it gives you an edge.

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Harmanpreet Singh· Sep 15, 22:14
Public Mobile, Lucky Mobile & Chatr could be 3 prepaid options - no credit check or extensive documentation.
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Sparsh· Dec 29, 15:21
Even 7/11 stores give out prepaid SIM cards