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How Do I Find the Best Insurance for Travelers

How Do I Find the Best Insurance for Travelers

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People travel for many types of reasons. Whether you’re visiting family members domestically, de-stressing for a much needed vacation, jet-setting across the globe to see friends or preparing for an important business meeting, there is one thing you should never leave home without: an insurance policy that caters to your individual needs as a traveler.

Before buying an insurance policy there are some important things to consider that will help ensure you find the best plan for your journey.  There are two major types of insurance; travel and trip.

Travel Insurance: Ideal for citizens of other countries traveling to the U.S. This type of insurance covers medical treatments, prescription medication, and other health services during international travel. With healthcare costs in the U.S. the most expensive in the world, it’s important to have a travel medical insurance plan to protect your health and your wallet.

Trip Insurance: Used to help travelers guard against unexpected expenses, or provide protection for non-refundable investments like trip interruption, trip delay, or cancellation This type of insurance plan allows travelers to recoup money spent on transportation, lodging, and other costs.

Here are some things to look for when purchasing an insurance policy from VisitorsCoverage.

  • Type of Coverage
  • Medical Care Coverage
  • Amount and Duration
  • When to Compare and Buy

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