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Financial Guide for International Students in Canada

Financial Guide for International Students in Canada

Banking, budgeting and more for your Canadian studies

For the several hundred thousand international students who study in Canada each year, managing finances, budgeting, and paying school fees are priority tasks. Having your finances under control will free up your mind and enable you to focus on your academics, so that you can graduate and start a successful career in your chosen field. As an international student in Canada, your first step will probably be opening a bank account. This will then enable you to get a credit card and start building your credit history, to plan your income and expenses, and to take charge of your finances through budgeting.

This guide aims to educate international students about the basics of finance in Canada and provide essential resources as well as information that they can rely on to make confident financial decisions.

Download the free guide at arrivein.com/resources/guides/financi…

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